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Sorry We Hadn't Posted In A Minute, We Been Getting BotNet Attacked

Sorry we haven't posted reviews in a minute, Herc Magnus and Todd Spears were not too happy with our review of Project Supremacy and have been trying to attack via hackers and botnets . If this site goes offline follow this moment on Twitter.

Project Supremacy v3 Review - SCAM WARNING

I think I have made pretty clear my thoughts about Project Supremacy, but if you speak your opinion and they will try to have an D-DOS anyone who is willing to tell the truth about their scam products like we did in our review of v3.

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As an Internet marketer, you get besieged with offers promising outrageous sums of cash “on autopilot” or “push button simple.” If your goal is to be an entrepreneur, there are no shortcuts.You must take massive action. You can't twiddle your thumbs out of your day job! There are Shiny Objects to distract you in your quest for success. I sort out the good, the bad and ugly by delivering honest reviews, even if some people get their feelings hurt!



jason quinlan

My name is Jason Quinlan, and I've been making money online since 1997 (yes, you read that right). I'm a “jack of all trades, master of none.” To succeed, in marketing stick with something you feel passionate about, or you may as well get a “real job”! As an affiliate, I may be shooting my bank account in the foot: DON'T HAVE SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME!




I'm “That Guy”!

I not promoting whatever is JV ZOO for the highest commission. I've been burned my marketing scams, so I wouldn't do that to my readers! 9-out-of-10 IM products were worthless. So, I'm going to stick to quality and show the “how and why” in my videos so you can decide if a product I review will enhance your business. I highly recommend you join my e-mail list. I don't send swipe-copy-spam. I send out gold nuggets of information that is too awesome to post here! If fact, you won't hear from me much unless it's a matter of some consequence!

Internet Marketing And How To Videos

Now To Stop A Negative SEO Attack (Live)

How To Defend Against A Real Negative SEO Attack - (Live Training) I filmed this live on my Youtube Channel. This is a live negative SEO attack. I may shoot a second part showing you what to do to clean up after one of these digital disasters. The video is...

Is Your Local Lead Generation SEO Business Dead? I Can Help.

Is Your Local Lead Generation SEO Business Dead? Here is A Band-Aid   Is Your Local Lead Generation SEO Business Dead? I could see that one coming a long time ago; I'm surprised it's taken this long for Google to drop the hammer on it. Here is a "no brains...

7 Affiliate Programs That Don't Track Sales With WordPress 4.7.4

7 Affiliate Programs That Don't Track Sales With WordPress 4.7.4 Have you checked if your affiliate links track properly in the new version of WordPress? Can you say for sure? Let me explain why I have authority to speak on this subject. From 1997 to 1999, I worked...

Do Backlink Indexing Tools Still Work In 2017?

 Are Link Indexers Still Relevant In 2017?   It's 2017 Google is crawling sites faster and more often than ever, especially if you have a decent site linked to search console. It takes 2 minutes to perform a "fetch as Google, " and Googlebot will crawl and index...

Why Grammarly Is Good For SEO

Why Grammarly Is Good For SEO Why Bad Grammar Kills Search Rankings! Why Correct Grammar and Spelling Is Important For SEO Now you are in the world of technology and the web access. Everything has become in the access of all, locating any place in any corner of the...

How To Write A Killer SEO Headline

How To Write Killer SEO Headlines A great headline matters as much as your content. I know, that's a bold statement.  The headline is contained in the meta <title> tags and is what will display in Google's search results (also known as SERPs). If someone reads...

How To Speed Up Your Site Using Search Console

How To Speed Up Your Site Using Search Console   I'm going to show you how to use Google Search Console to minimize site images to improve your website.       So What Is This New Secret Feature?   We've got this page, and it's moving too...

How To Make a Super Spun Article with Grammarly and Spin Rewriter 7

How To Use Grammarly and Spin Rewriter 7 To Make A "Super-Spun" Article Hopefully, you just watched my last how-to video on keeping your browser clean. The next thing I am going to show you is how to spin a "Tier 2 article". On your first level (meaning your money...

Why You Should Use PVA's To Protect Client Privacy: SEO Pro Tips

Why SEO Client Privacy Is Important And How Phone Verified Accounts (PVA's) Can Help I decided to change my pace. I’ll to be doing more how-to blogs. In this post, I'm going to teach you how to use a few tools I use every day. I've been doing more client work lately....

Bluechip Backlinks Review – The “Fetch 2018” PBN Technique By Terry Kyle The Fetch 2018 PBN Technique By Terry Kyle - Bluechip Backlinks Review   First, mad props to Terry Kyle on the "Fetch 2018" PBN technique. I have to admit; there are times I wonder IF I get my money's worth on my...

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