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As an Internet marketer, you ar besieged with offers from other Internet marketers promising outrageous sums of cash with barely any work. Words like “on autopilot” and in “just minutes a day” and other jargon, I consider stupid. There is a lack of honesty when people are trying to make money off of other individuals trying to do the same thing! You need honest Internet Marketing Product Reviews. For better of worse, people describe me as “honest to a fault.” I would rather earn your trust than making a quick buck and disappear.

These are the main categories right now:

SEO TRAININGWho the good guys are and who is a waste of time in the search engine optimization industry!

SEO TOOLSWhat tools will help you get better rankings on Google and advice how to use them!

TOOLS FOR INTERNET MARKETERSThere are some tools that if used correctly, can make you hey a lot of money, while there are many are a waste. We separate the wheat from the chaff.

INTERNET MARKETING TRAININGThose videos are getting so passé: Some guy on vacation in Aruba barely using his laptop and making $50,000 a minute: That shit just doesn't happen!

SERVICES FOR INTERNET MARKETERSThe essentials you need to get you online business off to a start, no the most expensive shiny objects, just the services you need

At one point I was doing what a lot of other marketers do I try to review whatever the big seller is on JZ Voo, that was until I realized nine out of 10 were a complete waste. So, I'm just going to stick to quality and show you the “how and the why” then let you decide for yourself. I highly recommend you just the e-mail list because I don't send email, I send out gold nuggets of information from time to time!

We Do More Than Sell, Sell, Sell! – We Teach


Shiny Object Reviews is the only site that review items that show our customers how to use them in our training portal.  My name is Jason Quinlan, and I've been making money online since 1997 (yes, you read that right). I'm a “jack of a trades, master of none.” I know, my graphic design could be better, but I'm working on that. You can learn with me! The is a ton of internet marketing how to videos on our youtube channel and they are embedded in the posts as well.

To succeed, in marketing you must go with what you feel are youR strong points and they will be different for everyone! As far as tools go. I make be shooting my bank account in the foot, but DON'T HAVE SHINY OBJECTSYNDROME!


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Shiny Object Reviews will tell you right now: Honestly, if you want to work at home and make money online, there are no shortcuts except for taking massive action. Massive action is what separates the people who can't get out of there day job and the individuals who are traveling the world right now. There is no shortcut, and it requires some hard work because there's some stiff competition!

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Full Disclaimer: We have affiliate relationships with some of these products, but if we didn't have those affiliate relationships, we wouldn't be able to offer you all of the great bonuses. Additionally, we drink our own Kool-Aid, That is why we will only recommend quality products and if there is a stinker out there that you should avoid we will call them out too!Think of Shiny Object Reviews more as a guide to quality!