Home » Blog » Special Announcement: Will it Be Absolutely Brutal to Start Learning Organic SEO in 2017? (Episode 1)

Special Announcement: Will it Be Absolutely Brutal to Start Learning Organic SEO in 2017? (Episode 1)

Special Announcement: Will it Be Absolutely Brutal to Start Learning Organic SEO in 2017?


Tommorrow 3EST: Live


Schematic data wizard / fellow Semantic Mastery student Ryan Rodden (Rock'n Roll Rich Snippets) and myself will be doing a live webinar with other surprise guests tomorrow at 3 o'clock Eastern standard time. The idea is to discuss all things marketing and traffic generation – SEO, ads, social, black hat, white hat, entrepreneurs, etc. The show will be live-streamed 3 EST tomorrow. Some topics will be edgy, such as “what are the best performance enhancing drugs?” Guests will rotate each week and will not necessarily be all from the IM world. Ryan’s goal is to stream a new show every Friday afternoon. We may field questions, but mostly this will just be a talk show, similar to the Joe Rogan podcast. If you can make it we would love to see you there. I'm not 100% sure which way will go. One thing I can assure you is it will be the most no holds barred on adulterated SEO show in this ass-kissing industry. So if you want to unwind at the end of a hard week with a nice dose of schematic data and debauchery (yes, I managed to fit both words into the same sentence), if nothing else this show will be highly entertaining!


The Best Video Marketing Course Of All Time ($15 Till Midnight)


udemy video marketing

The Best Video Marketing Course Of All Time 15$ Fo The Next Few Hours



The Best Video Marketing Course of All Time is available for $15 until midnight on Udemy and then the price goes back to $200. So far response has been even better than expected pulling in the 4.8 rating with students in six different countries. In case you don't think this course lives up to its moniker, just ask Google what the “best video marketing course” (&pws=0 added) is Depending upon your level of customization you'll see how I've completely dominated 30 to 50% of the first two pages for this highly competitive term“.“

Pinterest SEO Tricks: Reloaded


Pinterest SEO Tricks which is now almost 2 years old and has been perpetually updating is about to on leash version 2 tentatively titled Pinterest SEO Tricks: Reloaded. As with all of my courses I never with them go stagnant but I took a lot of extra time re-editing, deleting dated information, and adding in new sections including some schematic data tricks not even mentioned in the Pinterest rich pin documentation. The best thing is: If you bought the “original course” you automatically have access to the updated version. That is my way of thanking you for taking a chance on me when I had no idea what I was doing. After cleaning up some of the lectures I actually wanted to vomit on myself! Yet the course was very well-received in the marketing community. This course we'll be coming out on JV Zoo and Udemy by next week. If you pick it up now you will be grandfathered in along with the original purchasers. The “remastered lessons” are already live in the member's area and the updates are going up as we speak.

Check Out SEO AutoPilot Pro


seo autopilot pro diagram


I am currently finishing up my testing on SEO auto pilot pro which builds authority links from EDU and dot GOV sites that will make sites rankings climbing into the stratosphere. One things I like about this product and Iis the developer's are not JVZOO to scam artists just looking to make a fast buck and disappear. One of the reasons it is taken me so long to write a comprehensive review is because they keep adding new modules including an indexer with a 90% success rate (yes you heard me right). The best part is it's absolutely free of sales funnels and all of that other crap that turns me off so much about this business. Other than that, I hope to see you tomorrow and I can promise you if nothing else it should be interesting!

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Home » Blog » Special Announcement: Will it Be Absolutely Brutal to Start Learning Organic SEO in 2017? (Episode 1)

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