Are Link Indexers Still Relevant In 2017?


It's 2017 Google is crawling sites faster and more often than ever, especially if you have a decent site linked to search console. It takes 2 minutes to perform a “fetch as Google, ” and Googlebot will crawl and index the most recent version of your page and return valuable insights about it. If you are logged into Google, simply do a submit UR., Pages often index within seconds.

You are probably wondering: Why does someone need a link indexer anyway? There are multiple reasons, ranging from the completely “white hat” to black. Let's do a rundown” of both!


“White Hat” Use Of Link Indexers:

If you buy into any of the “white hat” vs. “blackhat” nonsense, I could think of four “ethical white hat” applications for link indexing services.


Local Business Citations:


You have just bought a round of citations for your client. A problem with most citation services is when you go through the intake process you provide one description as a boilerplate repeatedly used in submissions. Even though these are entirely legitimate and often high authority links, they don't get into Google easily because the content is so similar. In cases like these, I have seen local business's get a lot more of their citations indexed that might have gone un-crawled.


Press Releases:


Just did your big round of press releases for your business or a client? It isn't uncommon for 100 Press releases to go out on high authority sites like FOXNews and only one or two get picked up in the SERPS. Throwing the press run through a couple of indexing services will often bring a few more posts to the surface. Google knows anyone can buy a press release blast, so you will never index every press release “to stick” 99% of the outbound links from press releases are noindex or “citation only” (you unlinked URL, but these still count). If you are trying to get a press release indexed, I have found the better result when running through both Backlinks Indexer and Instant Links Indexer.


press releases


Syndication Networks


Did you build (or buy) a IFTTT syndication network for yourself or a client. Often it can take months for Google to detect the Tumblr, Blogger or other satellite properties. Because of the marketing and traffic benefit is in your interest, I fin link indexers to be quite handy.

Negative SEO!


One form of negative SEO is where a competitor will “scrape” your site and publish the exact content to a higher authority Russian or Chinese domain thereby making you look like a parasite site. Especially if your site is fairly new, you could get easily get a demotion or penalty. The negative SEO scumbags are another reason get your pages indexed faster than that your attacker.

Do Backlink Indexing Tools Still Work In 2017?


Black Hat Uses of Link Indexers


There isn't the need to go into length on why a “black hats” would use link indexers. The most common use mass link/page spinning tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker. Thier goal is to force the low-quality spintax pages into Google. They also would use them for negative SEO purposes such as a 404 attack. In a 404 attack,  hackers force index URL parameters ( using these very same tools. I'm not going to give you an instruction manual on how to negative SEO if you want to be a scumbag remember karma is in the mail.

Do Backlink Indexing Tools Still Work In 2017?


The exact methods each indexing service uses vary. None reveal their “Secret Sauce.” All make use of blog pinger XML_RPC services that are freely available. Others make use of Web 2.0 or social media mentions. By default, WordPress comes stock with pinger service, but you can put your WordPress on steroids very quickly. Simply go into your WordPress main settings, then go to “write” and at the bottom of the page you'll see update services.



If you paste in this list, you will be pinging hundreds sites your competitors aren't.

Above is “the stock” services that WordPress recommends. I'll tell you straight-up, there are MANY more! If you want my complete list of XML-RPC Pinger Services, click on the link below to put your WordPress pinger on steroids!

Final Thoughts On Indexing Services…


In my opinion, they are still a worthwhile tool. Even armed with the ping list above you still have no control over Blogger's pinging (which ironically, is one of the hardest syndication points to get indexed even though it's a Google property). The services don't cost much, harm your site, and in the worst case scenario, you have to wait a few days for your posts to get indexed because they failed.


Which Are The Good Link Indexing Services?

That is a slightly shadier area, because these services are so popular in the blackhat community. In my opinion, there are two reputable backlink indexing services Backlinks Indexer and Instant Link Indexer for the following reasons:

1. They have been around for a long time (5 years+)

2. I have used them in noticed positive results.

3. Neither does any funky up sales or billing and are well supported.

In conclusion:


Now you have a 30,000-foot overview of link indexers, in my opinion, they're worth it for the “white hat” uses alone, and most are inexpensive. So if somebody asked me “If link indexers are still relevant in 2017?'. My answer would be “yes,” but, if you've read this far you already know!


Do yourself a favor, steal my ping list!



Get My Secret Sauce That Will Get Your Blog Indexed Faster!

What Is A Link Indexer?


Backlinks Indexer Review –

I have no idea how a review of Backlinks Indexer by creator slipped past me. I use this tool on a daily basis and have never had a problem with catching a penalty or my links not getting indexed. On a good day, your links are indexed in minutes.



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