How To Replicate A 10M Blog For A Couple $200 Bucks

When I hear about a “no pitch” webinar, 99% of the time I wind up being disappointed. That wasn't the case with the Project Supremacy free SEO training webinar 5/11/2016. I never even heard of Chris Winters before. Apparently, he's been recognized for his success transformations by may famous people. Chris has figured out a way to continue using private blog networks even in the year 2016 by finding orphan domains that still have links from sources with a high trust flow such as CNN, Wikipedia and then quietly but assembling them from the But here's the catch, he has his proprietary software to scour the web in search for an expired domain that still has links from authority sites. This concept is known by saw them as “link rot.” The links usually come from large sites that don't even have the time to go to all of the old articles to remove dead links. If you follow these steps, you can do the same thing by yourself or with a virtual assistant to do some of the monotonous steps, but as I said, none of this is that labor-intensive.

First, use Project Supremacy for your on-page SEO:

See our recent posted in depth, look into this WordPress plug-in with over the shoulder training:

Just having schematic data on your pages and posts is going to give you an on unfair over 80% of your competition. I use Project supremacy on any WordPress site that I care about. Yoast is a toast yet, but it's on the way! You can duplicate the proprietary crawler using Bluechip Backlinks to replace his custom crawler. Bluechip Backlinks will even grab the old You don't need fancy pants custom software because there is a solution that is just as good if not better, You can check out Bluechip Backlinks here. They open and close this offer pretty often to control quality. If you see it's open, I will jump in!

See our recent review of Blue chip bag blanks with some in-depth tutorials:

Or just go straight the source:

Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to?

Set the domain up on some hosting for private blog networks:, this is who I use:

Noname Internet:

NoName Internet has faster and better support than most “standard” web hosting companies do, and you get the benefit of being able to hide your footprint. You only thing I can say negative about them is they sold to capacity, but as long as you can get a server based in the US, you are fine. Where your server doesn't matter. How many companies on the West Coast have servers in New York? A lot, I work on them every day. Use BrowSEO to cover your footprints, using this software you can set up completely separate server environments just like he talked about on the webinar with different Firefox accounts and everything.

Check out Broweo:

This software is also great if you have a virtual assistant that are in India oo the Philippines, and you need all of your logins to be coming from within the United States. You should get some DEDICATED PROXIES! Don't try to see if you can scrape by using some public proxies because you are putting yourself in great danger of footprint issues. Use BuyProxies they are by far and away the best proxy company. These guys will have the issues usually resolved within a few hours. Some of the SEO tips in this webinar are priceless, and they are things people don't talk about enough, such is the importance of disabling web RDC, something if you're not doing already, you should stop reading this blog and do it right now if maintaining your anonymity Is important to you! Lastly, you need some micro task workers. I've used the same micro task workers that Chris Winters refers to in the webinar. I found the Interface to be very not user-friendly and kind of Third World. Personally, I prefer as it has a lot more advanced functions including searches by local area. The interface is very friendly and intuitive, plus they are adding new features always.

See our in-depth review including footage from software developers:

Check out

If you are a power user like Chris Winters this is the best deal:

To be honest, I've never had a lot of luck with the “rank and rent” method, but I know that it is the method of choice with a significant percentage of the SEO industry. In fact, I'm not even sure why I am still writing this blog. I just reversed engineered a business that does $1+ million a month using tools that I already have. There will be comprehensive reviews on all of these products coming soon. This first blog post was not planned; I was inspired by that webinar I had to put my thoughts into words. Thanks, Todd Spears and Herc Magnus (who will always get points in my book for being a fellow hard-rock guitar player) for putting on such an excellent webinar. You guys deserve all of your current success and then some!

Here is a copy of the PDF “Cheat Sheet” that Chris gave out on that webinar.

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