Is Your Local Lead Generation SEO Business Dead? Here is A Band-Aid


Is Your Local Lead Generation SEO Business Dead? I could see that one coming a long time ago; I'm surprised it's taken this long for Google to drop the hammer on it. Here is a “no brains required” way to make quick cash before it's carcass “SEO business” entirely decays.

Here is the one HUGE problem: Making a fake address with a P.O. a box isn't fooling anyone. Google has this thing called Google Earth. Don't you think they might be able to see this anomaly? Doesn't make much sense unless they are holding domestic violence counseling in the middle of a field.

Want to stay in this line of work?

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Find safe upscale neighborhood.
  2. These days nearly all of them have an online website link this: where you can report lost pets, crime, or complain about the noisy neighbors. This site is LA-based, but most any Bouchey neighborhood has something similar.
  3. Sign up to your community's equivalent of (other neighborhoods have similar sites)
  4. You'll be included in the neighborhood watch e-mails, and be up to date on “white people / 3rd world problems”.
  5. More importantly, neighbors will ask other friends for recommendations on handyman, roofers, plumbers, and painters on a daily basis
  6. (Hint: Handyman is the big one.). All you have to do is middle man emails and have buyers.
  7. You MAY have to verify you live in the area. In that case just saw you are renting a room an “X” person's house. I didn't even need to sign up they just added me on my facebook I'm guessing. I don't live there anymore, but I'm still on the list now.


Handyman Example:



I know it works because I've sent my handyman over to peoples houses when they finished early so they could make extra cash. I imagine it would be a good way to augment your SEO income if maps went wacky.


Why “Local Lead Generation SEO” Sucks

I know it's blaspheme to attack every SEO favorite way of making money but look at it like this.

  1. By putting an intermediary in the mix, you cost the consumers more for the finished product.
  2. The quality of those still “needing leads” is not likely the highest.
  3. Groups like OMG with crap products like Project Supremanacy have taught local SEO at such a mass scale that it has sullied the already bad reputation of SEOs.
  4. Ranking for some low tech industry, in a sparsely populated area is not real SEO. It's ranking by attrition because nobody else is there. It's nothing more than a parlor trick.


I don't mess around with local SEO, so you guys can have that one. 🙂




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