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Memorial Day IM Wrap0Up: Pinterest, SEM Rush, BackToons Comic and Memorial Day Blunders

I know you are all trying to get out of town for the weekend so we will keep it brief.

Does Pinterest Wants Be The Next YouTube?

You have been able to upload the native video for just under a year, but it looks like Pinterest is making a very Facebook-like move and making a real push uploading your videos directly to Pinterest:

Pinterest adds autoplay video ads to feeds, search results

Consider the video ads that Pinterest debuted last summer a pilot for the type it's now premiering. Pinterest is rolling out Promoted Videos that will play automatically without sound and appear in people's feeds, within search results and within the Related Pins galleries beneath individual pins, the company announced on Wednesday.

Semantic Mastery Keeps Up The Good Fight

You now will have we more weapons to add to your battle plan. Some new and extra secret additions to the already robust SERP Space were alluded to on the past Humpday Hangout.

Semantic Mastery Battle Plan SEO Domination

Semantic Mastery Battleplan that will rank, get traffic, sales, and more from lead gen websites, authority websites, stubborn client websites, recovering negative SEO'd sites, and so much more…it's time to join the team!

Backtoons Comic Collection Rocks

We've never favored ourselves as fancy pants graphic designers BackToons Comic Collection can make you look like one:

Backtoon Comic Collection Review by Shelley Penney –

Backtoon Comic Kit by Shelley Penney was a product I found on JV Zoo in the bestsellers category. You know a product is decent when the developer isn't afraid to send you a legitimate demo copy. I have mentioned this in other posts . Most other review sites are nothing but scams .

SEMRush Drops Knowledge

This is our favorite link for SEMRUSH's always awesome blog:

How To Boost Your Content's Rankings With SEO Ideas and SEO Content Template

The main ingredients for a good content are well known – coherent writing, illustrative visuals, and the keen desire to help the user. But you wouldn't get far without the right SEO tools. Here are a few tips on how to take your content to the next l…

It's Memorial Day Weekend

Have fun, be safe, and don't be this guy:


Yes, that's me playing every instrument on that one, that was before my unfortunate Ulnar Nerve Compression, I still haven't recovered from.

Have a great weekend.

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