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Honesty, Ethics, Online Marketing and Being Dirt Poor

A few months ago I made a decision. There are 100,000 crappy affiliate IM review sites on the web; I admit, when I started, I looked through JV ZOO and started promoting whatever the top-selling products were at the time. I just ranked posts for products I had never even tried myself. It wasn't UNTIL I SOUGHT TO USE THESE SHINY OBJECTS in my own business and found that many (even most) were low quality, came with a lot of hidden sales funnels, or just flat out hurt your business, soI decided to change my business model.


ORM Video - The Traffic Freak Show


It started with the CBS Formula, something I bought on the “trust” I had developed in another fellow marker (Damon Nelson) because I liked RSSMasher so much. No offense to Damon, now I realize that he was just the face for Precious NG. The CBS Formula was a “high ticket item, ” and a front end for the beta version of Flowleads with sales funnel in MotionAPP (recently blacklisted for security vulnerabilities).

Even though I had #1 for “CBS Formula Review,” I decided completely revise my post, to be honest about what the product was: A pile of shit.



Obviously, there is no money in writing negative reviews. Just look at almost any other product review site. Most review sites aren't “review sites” they are affiliate sites, run by marketers of questionable moral turpitude, who are just battling for positioning for a product that will have the lifespan of a month. Then product creator is trying to think o the next “push-button simple,” set it and forget it,” or “7 figure blueprint.”

That's all bullshit, lay down with dogs wake up with fleas.


That said, I opted for a more boutique style approach, where I would recommend things, that have made my marketing journey more successful. No matter if it “why everyone should use CCleaner, Pretty Link or even Roboform, those products I've used every day for years and a lot of people don't realize have great “off the shelf uses.Supectedwas”

Honesty Does Not Equal Profitability


The suspected was someone would go to the lengths as to stage a full-on botnet attack to hide the fact they are scammers and their software.

To close this out, I think I have the botnet attack, has sucked up a lot of time and resources. I can barely afford to keep it open. I'm going to swallow my pride and do what none of the other flash internet marketers do, say life is not great.

I have two years of work on this site, so I don't want to give up. If you want to continue to a, have a loud, unbiased, and sometimes brutal voice of truth in the shady business we call online marketing I need your support.


If you feel compelled to kick ina few bucks to keep the hosting on you can do so below:


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Home » Blog » Honesty, Ethics, Online Marketing and Being Dirt Poor

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