Tuesday IM Recap: SEMRush, Blackhat vs. Whitehat, JQ Video Marketing and Precious NGWU

I decided to share the spotlight with one of my favorite YouTube channels Josh Bachynski, who does a Whitehat versus Blackcat show every Tuesday which is both entertaining and packed with information. Josh also has some great guests like Tyler Wilson from SEMRush who was showing off their new keyword tool “This Database is the beautiful thing about SEMRush. We have data worldwide from 14,000 keywords with a keyword difficulty metric to compare similar pages that rank somewhere within the first two pages of organic search. The higher the score, the more difficult it is to rank for that keyword. We calculate this based on the SEMrush Rank list of the top websites that receive traffic via Google.”

If you have never checked out this crucial SEO Tool, you can do it without leaving this page:

JQ Video Marketing Hits Minor Roadblock


In related news, in case you missed my last self-promotional blog post, there was some hiccup in JV zoo.



Apparently, the verbiage used the stock landing page of ValueAddOn need to be fixed to mean FTC Guidelines, but I haven't made it into the cool kids club yet.



Yeah, ironically shady vendors alike Precious NGWU are allowed to sling overpriced $500 hunks digital garbage all day. That's okay; I have a good background in reputation management, I am also available for reputation assassination.



You can just ask the morons at Project Supremacy.


My review of project supremacy three


I bet Todd and “Hurk” think twice before screwing their affiliates:


The creators project supremacy in total scammers

Does Anyone Need of $500 Version of Yoast?


Who is currently trying to pitch their $500 + $34 “special trial pricing” overpriced version Yoast that can add JSON-LD structured data into your site? You could do the same thing without slowing down your website and target more accurately using Google tag manager.


Stay on Topic: Moron!


The good news is JQ Video Marketing is still available just not on JVzoo until tomorrow. Yes, as promised, I raised the price to $97, and I'm doubling it next Monday again. I'm not greedy; I don't want to be competing with my students for $27. JQ Video Marketing has ninja video marketing tactics that no one else mentions. Also, it's the only course I know that deals with ranking Vimeo and Dailymotion, while they may not be the big dog, YouTube is their videos still rank if done properly!

Lastly, the few affiliates I have might have to get new tracking codes when I return to JV Zoo because the old affiliate codes won't work. I have sent out emails to active partners.


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