7 Affiliate Programs That Don't Track Sales With WordPress 4.7.4

Have you checked if your affiliate links track properly in the new version of WordPress? Can you say for sure? Let me explain why I have authority to speak on this subject. From 1997 to 1999, I worked for a gentleman from Calabasas, California named Ron Levi (aka FantasyMan). The gig was my first online job: 28.8 baud rate and everything! Ron Levi was the pioneer of affiliate marketing. He wasn't “among the first”; HE WAS THE FIRST! I have made millions affiliate marketing. I've owned, bought, and sold affiliate programs and PBN networks before there was even a name for them.

In the affiliate business, there are a lot of moving parts. The most recent are WordPress added a tiny MCE, “norefer,” “noopener” data to external links (aka “_blank”) for the security. Nobody likes a hacked site! I already see marketers developing plugins, and all they could be doing is modifying your WP functions back to the less secure version. I would advise staying away; there is a reason WordPress swapped that code.

WordPress Version 4.7.4 is only a problem if the affiliate program requires referrer data. There are three kinds of affiliate links the “ones that definitely matter,” “one's could matter” and “don't matter.”

I took the following affiliate programs and broke down which is which.

My recommendations will vary for each.

Let's get started.



Amazon matters. I don't promote Amazon much because the payouts are so small. In this example, to send traffic for “best-selling books” I would have to use their code.

this graphic shows a proper AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK

You must use the exact code they provide. If any portion is altered, between the opening and closing tag, Amazon invalidates your click. To set valid referrals for Amazon, you go into your account settings, edit “website or app” to whitelist your sites. If your traffic isn't coming from one of these URLs; it's invalid (nulled).

Linkshare (Rakuten)


According to their TOS, it matters, Linkshare is strict, but they have some great offers like Udemy. They manually approve partner sites, which usually takes a few days. I send my traffic thru Pretty Link Pro with I use 307 (temporary redirect), so Rakuten can see the path the traffic took to that URL. If you are smart and keep all of your links in one place, this change doesn't effect meta refresh or JavaScript redirects. These can be updated en masse or per URL.



How anybody makes money on Clickbank is beyond me. Most of their digital products are crap. Make sure to test your affiliate links before you use them for super niche products. There is a good chance they are already 404. I used to send Clickbank “dark traffic” from BrowsSEO or RSS Masher money hooks. You could send traffic from an Isis recruitment video; they don't care.

JV Zoo


The biggest moneymaker but, for my modest success I've as an affiliate and product creator, I can't but think how much I've lost to scams. One problem: vendors decide or not to pay (or only pay “if you remind them”). These scumbags included Project Supremacy (who were the reason I joined JV Zoo) and didn't pay me for about ten sales. Todd Spears and “Herc Magnus” never said why. They must be douche bags.

one of the many marketing scams JV ZOO UNPAID

The big problem with JV Zoo it is precisely what the name implies: It is a zoo!

Example: Go into approved products, and pull up a link, any link. An affiliate link is unique, so even HTTP to HTTPS changes everything. JV Zoo links have more points of failure than any network. Fator in user security settings, cookie handling, a plethora of different browsers and devices — the links have a higher chance of dying on the vine, than getting you a high ticket payday.




Jv Zoo scams are so common; it's scary. If you have a JVZOO account, test your approved links, I bet you can't do five without finding an issue.


jvzoo bad code


See if your original link you got to promote matches what you have been using. JVZOO routinely switches subdomains from JVZOO1, JVZOO3 because many sites block JV ZOO as spam. Put them side-by-side: Do the even look close? Are you telling me that that one on the bottom is going to track same? Different subdomains, it did carry my username, went from HTTP to HTTPS and the product ID is not even the same. There are multiple factors to make this link fail.

Cookie stuffing is another problem. Vendors of questionable moral turpitude have SAAS products that cookie your logins, thus creating a perfect cookie storm. If no analytics installed in the member's area, it wouldn't get flagged by Google unless someone reported it. Google always obeys Robots.txt. Example: What if Googlebot accidentally crawled Ashley Madison? A lot of people would be headed for divorce court.

I love the Semantic Mastery Guys, but forwarding affiliate traffic into squeeze pages is not how you do it! Just send a quick e-mail to the active members saying, “Heads up we are closing, redirect your traffic. This lack of communication is not strictly a jab at Semantic Mastery. I get 100's spam emails a day from very JV Zoo vendors, but NEVER ONCE a “heads up,” so I don't send my hard-earned traffic into a black hole!



I love eBay because it's so damn simple! I made a mistake thinking I could send any traffic to them because they have a niche for everything. For the record, eBay Partners is one that “doesn't matter.” All the traffic that wasn't converting on Clickbank, I switched to eBay, and I guess what? It started to make sales! That was until, I got this letter from eBay, stating “during a routine review of our accounts we came across your traffic we want to get a better understanding of it.”



Keep in mind; it was making sales, but my traffic was a bit dark”! I showed my Ebay affiliate manager some sites I made with RSSmasher, but they forced me to remove the links anyway.

Strong VPN

I make a good bit of sales with Strong VPN, its one of the better affiliate programs.They are set up the fairest way to track clicks. They carry your affiliate all the way through, cookies is set “credit to referrer” and establishes a “hard referrer link.” Take your affiliate links and paste in into your browser and see if it shows up n the stats. If a program is not tracking in real time, then you probably shouldn't be dealing with them anyway. Even the ticketbot affiliate program can track in real time. In the case of StrongVPN, I do not see the clicks counted now, so they matter.


Max Bounty

More people fail with CPA networks than succeed because there are many rules. CPA networks need to be vigilant of scammers who generate bogus emails because they pay on leads. In CPA, responsive design doesn't matter. Since it is ultimately vendors buying leads, some want mobile traffic, and some don't. If you send desktop traffic to a mobile offer (or vice versa), you do not get credit. Since they are paying (in most cases) for leads referral data definitely matters! CPA networks like Max Bounty don't make the often ridiculous policy, the vendors do.


google knows your kewords

How To Adapt

The following is something I will be implementing for myself, to be sure this does not happen again. It may sound complicated, but it's just the opposite, The Bridge page method, ABC or whatever you want to call it. Might lower the hits you are sending but because you are prequalifying of your chances of getting a sale are much higher because you won't be perceived as “pushy.”

  1. Get a short generic domain, a theme that you can quickly build good looking landing pages (Profit Builder 2.0, Divi or Optimize Press) and will integrate with your autoresponder (such as Get Response or Aweber).
  2. Install a good security plugin like WordFence and use Cloudflare.
  3. Put https on the domain.
  4. This area will become your “link repository.”
  5. Make it fast as possible, by installing WP3 total cache or WP Rocket.
  6. Put your new domain in Google Analytics and Webmaster tools and deindex it. Turn your alerts in Search console to “on.” The reason you want to do this does show Google that this domain is safe because your other sites will be linking to it.
  7. Do not change any referrer or noopener. Open all of the links in the same window and do not use _blank.
  8. Start my creating one landing page per offer, using only approved promo material.
  9. This domain is where you will go BEFORE sending them to an affiliate offer (“a bridge page”). As you would any affiliate link, be sure to set it “nofollow” and block tit via a robots.txt file (if you are using PLP2, you are already doing this).
  10. Install Pretty Link Pro on the new domain, so you can send all traffic 307 or Java within the landing pages on the domain as will as take advantage of technology redirects, regional redirects and A/B split testing. If you do not like Pretty Link, you can have it custom coded, but that will be expensive and time-consuming.
  11. Hook up your auto-responder so that you can capture leads. In some cases you want to send the surfer directly to the offer and others with a longer sales cycle, you want to forward to your autoresponder. Use your best judgment and split test till you figure out what is best for your niche.
  12. Set up goals, in Google Analytics, use the tag manager, ruthlessly edit your design, copy, and calls to action to achieve the highest conversion.
  13. Put any Facebook or Google remarketing pixels on the domains BEFORE are sending the traffic to your repository! You aren't building a brand with this site.
  14. (optional) If this is your only site, you might need to create a fake front end to get approved. Since your site is deindexed, you can use PLR to create a front end quickly.


The Bridge Page Mindset


Getting In The Bridge Page Mindset


An analogy, your bridge page is your “money site's” money site. Take the extra measures, such as adding https, webmaster tools, speed, and beefing up security. You do not want this domain blacklisted because your “real sites” will be linking to it.

Even deindexed, you want your repository healthy and free of hacking. Use google alerts from search console to squash problems early.

Using the only approved advertising materials on your landing pages, if they are not tracking clicks correctly, it becomes their problem and NOT YOURS!

Now, you have created “one point of failure.” Meaning, if one of the advertisers arbitrarily decides not to pay, you can quickly redirect the traffic to a similar offer by changing one link.

Lastly, make sure your host backup site every 24 hours. If you get hacked or have server issues, you can “roll back.” Remember, you created “one point of failure,” but if your site goes down: everything fails!

Hopefully, it didn't confuse anyone and if you have made it this far, thanks for reading!

Hit me up if you have questions, I put a lot into those post and would live to get your feedback in the comments below.


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