Why SEO Client Privacy Is Important And How Phone Verified Accounts (PVA's) Can Help

I decided to change my pace. I’ll to be doing more how-to blogs. In this post, I'm going to teach you how to use a few tools I use every day. I've been doing more client work lately. When I work with clients, I don't like working from the same IP for hacker protection, privacy, and to keep everyone's cache and cookies separated!


stong vpn connection in buffalo ny

The client I'm working for is in Buffalo. You can see, I'm connected in Buffalo. If you aren’t careful, you could synch IFTTT of your biggest lawyer-client to the yoga studio you are helping because she's cute. Worst case, might not realize till 100 tweets later!

That could be a mess, right?

You've got their fingerprints all over. Bring in just the next my next must-have tool: CC Cleaner Pro. CC Cleaner is powerful it seems simple, but it is powerful! I recommend right off the bat you just keep it on the defaults.


For Your Clients Saftey: Keep Thier Accounts Separated

Get rid of the important stuff like directory service, cache, recent history, download history, and cookies. Just hit “run cleaner” and then go. Close you out of your browser, make sure any work is saved!

As you can see, I racked up a pretty good cache. So, that's gone then we're going to disconnect Strong VPN,




About Your Location

I'm going to switch to a client in San Francisco. Double-click the connections a couple of times to test the speeds. You want to find the one with lowest milliseconds. If you get this “no download speed” means the server is not available. Learn more in “Everything You Wanted To Know About VPN's But Were Afraid To Ask“.

We're going to switch to San Francisco. Do this all before you bring your browser back up. Then we'll try to login to Twitter. If you have performed all of these steps correctly,  Google and Twitter will have you completely logged out.


screen for logged out twitter

Always Phone Verify Accounts: A Word Of Caution!


Be sure to phone verify all Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube accounts. All of the services require phone verification. I like to create a separate “house accounts,” so I never have access to any of my clients private business e-mails. The proper method is to have your client add you as a manager. More often than not, the reason your client hired you to handle the “internet stuff” and don't want the burden of the technical issues. I've found it easier to make a dedicated account with none of their private info, especially if you are outsourcing repetitive tasks.


suspicius activity gmail alert



This Is Business: Nothing Personal!

Under, no circumstances should you put a client in your account! That is better for both you and your customer. The problem you will then have if you will need a current phone number for the new accounts. Logging in with no Cache or cookies trigger “suspicious activity alerts,” because not having cache or cookies doesn't “seem natural.” When if fact, a user's cache, and cookies are used to target their ads (especially retargeting)  It can't be a voice over IP or Burner App, you need a real phone. Fortuentlty, I've found a way around that spending $12 at Walmart. E-mail me, and I will send you the instructions to get unlimited PVN accounts.




E-mail me, and I will send you the instructions to get unlimited PVN accounts.

Sorry, this is a pro tip, and I don't want everyone using it.

In Summation

CC Cleaner and Strong VPN seem very simple on the surface, and they're also cheap and improve security. Strong VPN you can be anywhere in the world anytime you want, but make sure you take the right steps when setting up the “house accounts” for clients or you can easily get locked out!

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Update: You must have heard the news by now that the US Senate has voted to legalize mass surveillance and the telcos in the US will have to log everything a user does on the internet.

While this is devastating news for internet users in the US, this gives you an awesome opportunity to increase your sales by capitalizing on this legal development. Just to update, PureVPN and Strong VPN don't keep any logs and don't have data retention policy. - Read More Info

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