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How To Use Grammarly and Spin Rewriter 7 To Make A “Super-Spun” Article

Hopefully, you just watched my last how-to video on keeping your browser clean. The next thing I am going to show you is how to spin a “Tier 2 article”. On your first level (meaning your money site) you want to keep it well-written.

Webmasters cannot do it the old way and post crap articles. It does not even work that way anymore. Even tier two it sucks, but you still can't do spintax with a few modifications. Keep in mind that even with these enhancements, you will not create Pulitzer prize content. Spin Rewriter 7 is probably the best rewriter on the market.

About Spin Rewriter 7

It is very rare, I recommend taking the up-sale, but you should get the Big Content Search because you can have a PLR article generated in any niche in seconds.

big content search in spin rewriter

We will take the San Francisco client from my last video, who owns a yoga studio. Search for “yoga” through the Big Content Search API. Now, look at all these yoga articles. These items are PLR; you are not going to get in trouble for copyright. Now we are going to spin in Spin Rewriter 7, but we are going to improve it using Grammarly. Here is and I configure the settings in Spin Rewriter.

  1. I want to spin all synonyms
  2. Rewrite complete sentences
  3. Rewrite entire paragraphs

Try To Be As Unique As Possible


We want to make it as unique as possible; then we are going to start the rewriting process. The software will flag everything it can spin. Click “one click rewrite” and leave it on “medium” and “protect by capitalization.”

Start the one-click rewriting process, and you will see it generating the spintax. It is fast, even with this 700-word article. I now have it at 99% and continue to the final step. It usually takes 20-30 seconds. Then grab some youtube videos some and Pixabay images for yoga directly inside Spin Rewriter 7.

Delete Unique Names


Now we generate a unique version; I do not like to include people's names because it is PLR I like to keep everything clean and generic. Unique names are a footprint you are using PLR.

Grammarly you could use two ways, you can either use the Grammarly editor or from bright inside WordPress, the editor as long as you have the Grammarly browser extension. The latter is little more convenient but there's one small caveat, you have to stay in text mode. In visual mode, it will strip out the video embeds

Both methods will bring up the same list of problems. Watch how fast we can fix this passive voice, pull that out, and then run through and follow the mistakes Grammarly has flagged.

I follow every suggestion. I do not do this when I am writing my personal articles, but right now we are just concerned about speed. At least all the difficult issues and punctuation you should doctor up.


Not Meant For Human Consumption


Let me just remind you that this is only for your link building or spam points! Even as much as this article will be improved, it still won't be suitable for human consumption. However, if you are backlinking, you will get a lot more bang for your buck. These tier two articles can be used to push up posts that are similar to your money sites. I only recommend doing this if you were very skilled at building PBNs. I do not want to insult anyone reading this article but most people or not skilled enough to properly use a PBN.

Otherwise, a great alternative use for this text could be in the descriptions of Vimeo or Dailymotion. That way you aren't repeating this same text you have used in your YouTube descriptions over and over again. Since it's video, nobody is reading it. Having decent amount text in your video descriptions is more important in video marketing than you realize. We will get more into that later.

Last, save to draft. Add in h2's, split the content up a little bit with some subheadings.  I use voice to text all the time, but you got to watch out it will say some crazy stuff if you do not go and proof it, so it is another thing that Grammarly is excellent correcting.


About The Flesch Reading Score

As you can see: the SEO is okay, the readability still could use improvement. I like to get Yoast Flesch to OK on the readability, but that is not always possible. On the SEO I do not like to get it all the way to green. I like to get it better than “needs improvement,” but if you just keep following and following it to its pure green, you are asking for a panda penalty because it will come out over optimized.

Now let's look at the final product, not bad, sounds pretty legit. We could spend a little bit of time and make it better, but this is all about speed. That is the whole point of spinning articles.

That is how I use Spin Rewriter and Grammarly in the next video I am going to show you how to use Youtube instead of a spinner to more quickly produce your written content.



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