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How To Write Killer SEO Headlines

A great headline matters as much as your content. I know, that's a bold statement.  The headline is contained in the meta <title> tags and is what will display in Google's search results (also known as SERPs). If someone reads the headline, it should entice that person to click and read your post. Thus, you must choose the right set of words and while remaining SEO friendly to get a higher CTR.


The Basic Elements To Make An SEO Friendly Headline:


The headline is what will show when your content gets shared if added to the XHIF data. The headline's focus is to lure clicks. Engaged readers go twill share it. CTR is a ranking factor in Google.




The Keyword

Without saying, the right keywords are crucial to SEO. There are many tools to find which keywords relevant keywords to your audience. The use of the keyword in the body and the headline help your SEO, just as long as you don't keyword stuff. In 2017 Google only needs your keyword repeated once or twice in your content in a natural way. Don't forget to make use of LSI keywords, which are synonyms and related keywords.

The Length

The latest Google update has recommended an SEO friendly title should consist of 50 to 60 characters (the maximum displayed by Google, Bing, etc.).

The Audience

Always write quality content for your target audience, rather focussing on SEO only. Poorly written content won't rank or in worse cases can get you a Panda penalty. Hence, the visitors will bounce to your competitor website with superior content. The headline should spike interest to click, but you need to back it up with killer content.


The Right Ingredients To Make The Perfect Headline


A good headline signifies a perfect balance of the common, uncommon, emotional and power words while keeping under character limits. A Killer SEO headline gets clicks from the target audience. Here are the ingredients used in making the perfect headline:

Common Words– Common words are used all the time and are most likely your main keywords. They structure the headline easing the readability since t make up the core structure of the headline. The current recomended word density in a headline should be around 20 to 30 percent.

Uncommon words– These words are catchy and grab the audience's attention. These are words like “insane,” “incredible,” or “must-see.” These words make you stand out. The words should make the headline catchy. The recommended density for uncommon words in the headline is 10 to 20 percent.

Power Words – Power words like “in the world,” “you need to know,” etc. acts like as emotional ones. It helps in encouraging readers to click. They differ from the emotional words and show the uniqueness of the content. Such terms create value to make the user. One power word is enough to give strength to the title.

Emotional Words – The words are the highlighted part of the headline as it lures the reader to read the rest of the article. Emotion words should consist of 10 to 15%. of your killer headline.





Bonus Tips


  • The headline should be positive, as negative title draw fewer clicks.
  • Most readers focus on the first two words and the last two words of a headline.

Your content should be stellar, but if your headline doesn't allure your reader to dig deeper into the content, time spent in writing an “epic post” is wasted.

Headline Analyzers


Following are the links to Headline Analyzers

  1. Coschedule
  2. Subject Line
  3. Advanced Marketing Institute


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