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How To Defend Against A Real Negative SEO Attack – (Live Training)

I filmed this live on my Youtube Channel. This is a live negative SEO attack. I may shoot a second part showing you what to do to clean up after one of these digital disasters. The video is an hour-long so I included timestamps Surrey can jump to a particular part that is of interest to you.

5:56 What are the first signs of negative SEO
6:37 Why breadcrumbs help you stay safer
7:17 Why to do a fetch and not a fetch and render
13:30 How To Spot Suspicious Google Bots
15:00 What unverified users suck
16:00 Why is so much Amazon New Traffic from Ashburn
18:50 Blocking With WildCards
22:20 Country Blocking
24:00 Blocking by suspicious URL requests
28:00 AmazonNews bot and browser undined
30:00 Why Bounce Rate Manipulation Is Negative SEO
34:40 How To Bust a Philipino Hacker

More Project Supremacy Sponsored Negative SEO:

Home » IM How To Videos » Now To Stop A Negative SEO Attack (Live)

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