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How To Speed Up Your Site Using Search Console


I'm going to show you how to use Google Search Console to minimize site images to improve your website.


search console slow



So What Is This New Secret Feature?


We've got this page, and it's moving too slowly for our tastes (and Google). Copy the URL to run a page speed test. As I mentioned, I'm in the red. Search console is recommending I optimize my images. In true Google fashion (like with Youtube Cards), they slip in handy features and forget to tell you about them.


new search console feature


You're going to see this link down at the footer of the console. It's brand new and super cool. You'll get the option to download a file. I just open them and then when you will see a “manifest” for the coding and CSS errors. We're going to concern ourselves with the images.

If you are using WordPress, go to media library and “add new.”


wordpress image size


As a time saver, select all files to upload all images at once. Then return to your slow loading post. In this case, the image causing issues is the featured image. You edit the page, find the new compressed image and replace the old one. If you check the stats, it's now 23 kilobytes instead of almost 500.




To complete the process, take the image title, copy it to your clipboard, paste it into the alt text, and pasting EXIF data and then you type the address to GEOTAG the picture, with a longitude and latitude, like you would see In this my map. That isn't a stock WordPress feature BTW, that is courtesy of Project Supremacy.

Set the new featured image, preview the post, if everything is Kosher, publish it! You just knocked 450k off your load time in two minutes and added GEO data!


Once, you've got that down you can train a VA to do this. Why reinvent the wheel, just send them this link. 🙂

Home » Blog » How To Speed Up Your Site Using Search Console
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