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If you are serious about learning video marketing check out:
The Best Video Marketing course Of All Time – Learn to rank Vimeo, Dailymotion and Youtube like a boss.


The following is a list of internet marketing training courses. They are divided into four categories one I have authored myself, free “in house training” (also by me and free) and Udemy.

Courses By Jason Quinlan

Full disclosure, the first five links on this page are courses that I have created myself, so I can't do an impartial review. However, in my biased opinion, they are worth checking out!

Shiny Objects Vip (Beta) → (NEW) – The new FREE premium area of Shiny Object Reviews. These are tons of lessons on all things IM and Social Media!!

JQ Video Marketing – If you are into video marketing, this is the bible of 78 lecyures and 7 hour of training on everything you need to know to rank Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion,

Pinterest SEO Tricks – This is not your mom's Pinterest course, this is hardcore SEO that gets that stick.

Tumblr Hero – The Ultimate Guide to Marketing on Tumblr using some advanced traffic tactics.

Youtube Card Tricks – Youtube cards were in beta for so long, check ou all of the cool things you can do with them you never expected.

Stumbled Upon Hero – If you just want to send an ass ton of traffic to yours or a client's site, you can't go wrong with Stumbled Upon.


Rock N' Roll Ricj Snippets – The Ultimate stucted data and JSON LD course. Shave 6 months on confusing learning in 9 hours.

Freebies: All of these IM training courses are 100% free!

Shiny Object Reviews VIP – At the current in time, this course contains 31 I quality Internet marketing training courses that you can sign up for it with your e-mail. You can leave your credit card in your wallet because we won't be asking for it!

FREE BROWSEO TRAINING – This free training program address is the most common complaint about BrowSEO: The lack of cohesive training. This free course contains original content as well as well organized curated content.

Jason Quinlan

Jason Quinlan


JsonQuinlan is the owner of Shiny Object Reviews and a veteran webmaster who started his career in 1997.

Known for his unorthodox SEO methods and “bigger than like” persona helped him stay ahead of the curb and now is in his 20th year of online marketing.


If you are serious about learning video marketing check out:
The Best Video Marketing course Of All Time – Learn to rank Vimeo, Dailymotion and Youtube like a boss.

Marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people with SEO

A review of Udemy's marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people with SEO by Alex Genadinik is all over the place and unfocused and not the best choice.

SEO Training: How to Get to the Top of Google with SEO

Daragh Walsh's who is best known for Google Analytics on Udemy. We review: “SEO Training: How to Get to the Top of Google with SEO”

Landing Page Design & Web Design Fundamentals 2017 – Fact, 85% of companies, focus on optimizing their ad campaigns but are not spending any time on landing pages that do not convert, This course teaches you to change that for your business or client!  (4.9 – 122 ratings – 1,507 students enrolled)

Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2016–Stop SEO & Win With PPC! – The best Google Adwords training. Period. Steal this course until 1/10 for 10$! (19,137 students enrolled / 4.8 based on 4,080 ratings / Last updated 11/2016) 

Ethical Hacking from Scratch to Advanced Technique – (4.4 806 ratings – 6,395 students enrolled) – Excellent course and information. The instructor obviously knows and cares about the subject matter.

Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify89% Discount A-Z training on all things e-commerce, more specifically on the lucrative Shopify Platform. (Average 4.7 – 169 ratings – 1,092 students enrolled)

The Complete SEO Guide to Ranking Local Business Websites “Watch over my shoulder as I redesign and rank a real live client local business website on the 1st page of Google” by Christine Maisel. (4.7 of 501 ratings / 4,207 students enrolled)

ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website – Proven system for success as a ClickBank affiliate. No hidden secrets, this course spills everything – (4.7 (1,205 ratings) 9,613 bright students have enrolled!

NEW for 2017! Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing (v 4.0) – Advanced Internet marketing training, not for beginners or how-to. (4.5 – 791 ratings – 10,714 students enrolled)

Authored by Others:

Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 – The third installment in the trilogy of courses by YouTube wiz Justin Sardi. Updated with the latest methods to find $01. CPV without even making videos!

Outsource Kingpin – Learn the gentle art of outsourcing (and trust me it is an art, so you can scale your business to where you are not a 1-man gang.

Twitter SEO Academy – It's no secret that Google and Twitter are both in the information business. Rumors have swirled for the last few years that Google would acquire Twitter. That hasn't happened yet, but the “bromance” has already begun because Twitter already turned on the “firehose” of data, thus making a legit Twitter presence part of your SEO efforts!

IM Passive Profits – Get your money for nothing and your chicks for free.

How To Do Retail Arbitrage In 2017 – To do you “sourcing” you don't have to go all the way to China and spend 100K, you can make a mint with no website and the knowledge of what to flip.

Udemy Courses for $10 – August Curiosity Sale (8/21/2017 – 9/01/2017)

August Curiosity Sale Get All Udemy Courses for $10 If you've ever been curious if Udemy was it any good, the company is giving you a great chance to find out during the August Curiosity Sale. Every course in the online learning platform is $10. In...
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CCleaner Pro For MAC Review and Best App Settings and Tips

In Depth Review of CCleaner Professional For MAC With Our Best Settings and User Tips   Today’s review CCleaner Professional from Piriform. That's right; we're doing a product review here on Shiny Object Reviews - Internet Marketing Product Reviews...
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The Best Pinterest SEO Course Of All Time On Udemy

Udemy - The Best Pinterest SEO Course OF All Time   My second course on Udemy just came out today. The Best Pinterest SEO Course of All Time it Is now available! I have a special coupon for the first ten students to register you will get it 6.66% ($10 for full...
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Pinterest SEO Tricks Reloaded For 2017 JSON-LD / BlackHat Edition

The critically acclaimed Pinterest course gets a massive facelift and doubles in content for 2017. Along with new design, structure data, and BlachHat techniques. Pinterest SEO Tricks Makes Big Changes     My first online course Pinterest SEO...
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Learning SEO in 2017, Porn Stories, Micro-dosing LSD on YouTube – Episode 1

The Traffic Freak Show Episode 1 Today, with little pomp and circumstance The Traffic Freak Show released itself on an unsuspecting world, despite some initial technical difficulties Learning SEO in 2017, Porn Stories, Micro-dosing LSD - Episode 1....
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Special Announcement: Will it Be Absolutely Brutal to Start Learning Organic SEO in 2017? (Episode 1)

Special Announcement: Will it Be Absolutely Brutal to Start Learning Organic SEO in 2017?   Tommorrow 3EST: Live   Schematic data wizard / fellow Semantic Mastery student Ryan Rodden (Rock'n Roll Rich Snippets) and myself will be doing a live...
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8 Reasons Why CTR Spam and Click-Thru-Rate Manipulation Does Not Work – Real SEO Advice!

8 Obvious Reason Why CTR Spam Sucks and Doesn’t Work! I'm not going to argue that Click-Thru-Rate isn't a factor in ranking. MOZ's Rank Fiskin was able to move a search result in a few hours by asking the audience at a conference to search for a phrase on...
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Udemy August Sitewide “Back To School”- Promo 8/4 – 8/10/2017

Udemy August Sitewide "Back To Schoo"-l Promo 8/4 - 8/10/2017is On! Udemy August Sitewide "Back To Schoo" Promo is now in full swing. First, let me address the elephant in the room The Best Video Marketing Course Of All Time. At 95% off is a steal. I've...
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Best Udemy Marketing Courses – August Sitewide #2: Development & IT Sale – Promo 8/4 – 8/10/2017

Best Udemy Marketing Courses - Top 10 - Best Udemy Marketing Courses - August Sitewide #2: Development & IT Sale - Promo 8/4 - 8/10/2017 These courses are $10 today and will cost $200 tomorrow! Grab our top picks! THE BEST VIDEO MARKETING CLASS OF COURSE - LEARN...
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Udemy August Sitewide $10 Discount Coupon Code Going On Now!

Udemy Learn Fest Start Date:    5/15/2017    12:00 AM PST End Date:     5/26/2017      6:00 AM PST Discount: For both new and existing users $10 flat discount on all Udemy Courses Promo Code: UDLEARNFEST August Sitewide Udemy $10 Discount Coupon Code  - Going On Now!...
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