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A Shiny Object Review Of IM Passive Income +


I just got my review copy of IM Passive Income +, so I am just now being able to go through the curriculum and find out exactly what they're taking is on the “passive income.”

For those newer marketers that might be out there here is a brief overview of what passive versus active income is.

1. Active Income: it's what I'm doing right now, am creating content, so this is active income. I will include it in my reviews. If it sucks, I will give it a bad rating or not even review at all.

2. Passive Income: this is the kind of income that is generated but I work you've done in the past. You were no longer actively promoting an offer but people are still finding your links via whatever message you put out there on the Internet. Every once in a while I'll see a deposit from affiliate programs like T-Shirt hell and I'm not even sure where the links are coming from.


“Evergreen” Vs. “Limited Time” – Which Is Better?


Personally, I like evergreen offers. That offers that don't have an opening and closing date. To me, that's just plain dumb. I can understand the logic behind it because they're trying to get his many people to take action within a short amount of time, but that just isn't my style.


IM passive income plus review and bonus


Update 2017

Despite our initial skepticism about the material contained isn't another fly by night get rich scheme or something you can really apply to your Internet marketing career.

AMENDED 10/8/2016: Sorry for taking so long to update this review. We did get our review copy and after going through it, if you are even an intermediate level marketer IM+ Passive Profits is going to be a snooze fest. If you are brand-new to on my marketing and want your handheld instead of being misled in the Warrior Forum it isn't that bad.

This seems to take aim at the baby boomers that are approaching or are in retirement, so the approach is more mature. So if you're 60-year-old aunt is looking to make some extra money to supplement her Social Security this might be right upper alley!


BUY NOW!!!!!!!!


Check It out here:


shiny object 3 star review

Publisher: Anita Bose
Product: IM Passive Income +
Launch Date: 09/14/2016
Price: $47
Affiliate Network: JVZoo
Niche: IM Training


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