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JQ Video Marketing – Front Page Domination Example

Now That I Have Your Attention…

I'm feeling patriotic today and am giving away one last lecture… hot blonde Any wimp can take one position on the page, REAL MEN (AND WOMEN) TAKE PAGE ONE! See how to dominate page 1: https://vimeo.com/224033906/5d34f8493a – (and what happens when affiliate programs don't pay me) As you may know, Udemy green-lighted me to sell this course on their platform. I don't want to curse anything, but Udemy has been VERY RECEPTIVE and if everything works out the way I think… I'll have a PRIME piece of SEO real estate in the near future.

Udemy Preview?

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You Can Say You Knew Me When

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUsX1LhR7SM That said, I may close the sales page until the Udemy version goes live, out of respect for great they've treated me. All members content will update as normal, including the “Youtube Subtopics” webinar update for next week. I haven't had as much time to work on as I would have liked, because I adopted a cat and got an emergency ORM job for a Satanist. (100% True)

There Is A Point To This Post, Right?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the whole point of this email. I'm extending JQ Video Marketing 50% off till midnight with Youtube Card Tricks and 30 minutes of Skype coaching until midnight. When the course comes back out on Udemy, I doubt they will allow it to stay “completely uncut.” In case you missed it, here YouTube Subtopics lecture https://vimeo.com/223858761/e28c27a942 and The Great “Dragging Up” Effect. https://vimeo.com/224030648/7cf4811d28 I don't mind giving away three lectures. I've got 68 more where those came from! Get in before the doors close: http://jqvideomarketing.com/ Be safe today. Jason

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Home » Internet Marketing Training Courses » JQ Video Marketing Final – Front Page Domination
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