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In this review of Outsource Kingpin, which is a side project of Semantic Mastery and Internet marketer Zane Miller they teach you to avoid the pitfalls and common problems that marketers have when they are trying to outsource.


Why outsource? Let me give you a couple of reasons.

1. Outsourcers Are Cheap: You do not have to pay them nearly the wage an American employee for the same work.

2. Many Can Be Grateful: Because many live in Third World countries, It is a struggle just to survive, so they are more than happy to have a job and don't mind going the extra mile.

3. Some Are Highly Qualified: You would be surprised to find out that some outsourcers are even college-educated, technically savvy and willing to work hard.

What are the pitfalls of outsourcing?

1. Your Employees Work Remote: It is not like your standard office job where you can keep an eye on them all day and their cubicle. There are several software programs available to manage their work; It does not matter which one you use, It is whichever one you are most comfortable.

2. The Language Barrier: When you are hiring in places like the Philippines most everyone knows English as a second language. The “second language barrier” happens in India as well. That said, it does not mean they speak it correctly, and they do not always make the best writers.

3. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy: At times you may get an outsourcer to fool you through the hiring funnel only to not deliver and sometimes may not even show up for work.

I know about this personally because I have traveled to the Philippines at least five times in my life and I have sat across the desk interviewing outsourcers with 100% disastrous consequences. Outsourcing nightmares are a problem that is common to Internet marketers. You cannot bog yourself down doing mundane tasks and delegate to a VA. That outsourcer will be calm so good at that task that they will eventually become better than you.



As you review your prospects, they go through a funnel which is similar to sales funnel without money. It requires hope to complete tasks or follow a set of instructions before they can move on to the next part.


A screen shot of the members area of outsource kingpin

Can't Take Back Wasted Time


I wish I had had Outsource Kingpin years ago. My companies spent hours or even days because I did not know how to manage out sorcerers correctly, and I hired up American employees that were ultimately less skilled, lazier, and felt more entitled.

If you want to be serious about growing your business you cannot be a one-person show; to make real money check out outsourced kingpin. The only downside is if you are a Mastermind member you probably heard much of this in the Mastermind Webinars, but on the flipside of that it is cheap, and it also comes with an upsell to IFTTT at a ridiculously low price.

So if you were having trouble getting into the groove of finding and hiring outsourcers and that is causing your business to stagnate, I can highly recommend that you take this Outsource Kingpin.




Check it out here:



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