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Full disclosure, this is my original course that I created, There is no tricky outsells you get everything! YouTube Cards have replaced annotations because annotations are not visible on mobile devices. The “new mobile traffic” means that 60% of your calls to action are not displayed. I'm sure one day that YouTube will discontinue annotations entirely. They never got that popular because a lot of YouTube viewers found them ugly or distracting.


Youtube Took Thier Sweet Time On Cards


The thing with YouTube cards is it stayed in beta for somewhere around the year, In fact, I wondered if they would ever get it out of beta. One thing I did notice, and my whole inspiration behind creating YouTube Card Tricks was I was always optimizing the videos on clients sites, and I would see new features just showing up in the cards. There was no email from YouTube. I didn't see anything on YouTube's blog, they were just there, so I started experimenting with them.

One of the most powerful things that YouTube just slipped in there and to be quite honest I've never seen them even announced yet is you could create a new Google site or blogger blog and instantly be able to link it from the cards.

That got my mind spinning.


I started thinking about it, and the first thing I realized I could do was I could create optimized landing pages and just send traffic to them using YouTube cards. I was off to the races, building affiliate sites and experimenting sending card traffic. I started using cards between different YouTube accounts to get people to my “hero video.”

Here is and the outline of what the course turned out to be, it has so many features I can't even fit on a page!

youtube card trciks course


And Then CameThe Crickets


Of my Internet marketing training courses, YouTube Card Tricks is by far the one I am most proud. It is way less technical and geeky then Stumbled Upon Hero and my first course Pinterest SEO Tricks.

Up for my first two courses had sold pretty well because I delivered a lot of value for a very low price. There was no exception with YouTube Card Tricks. I've said the initial sales price for $5. Guess what happened

Guess what happened?


I dropped the price to one dollar, and then tons of people signed up.

The overall response I got from my students what is exceptional. A lot of them went on to say that they use the tips and tricks contained in this course in their marketing efforts to this day.

I'm pretty proud of that/


And guess what?


one dollar internet training


The price is still one dollar, and I have some exciting announcements that I will be dropping soon about how you get even more value for your dollar!

UPDATED 2016: I have included some new training videos for YouTube polls and End Screen Annotations. As Google adds new features, the training gets updated too.

Updated 5/16/2017: A sweet hack to increase you Youtube User Engagement (on the biggest metrics youtube tracks) by using POLLS correctly.




Check it out here:

4 stars review





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