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I will be completely honest with you, I was a newbie to information security until I became a victim of relentless hacking.That's why everything listed on this page is so much more than a bunch of crap we have affiliate links for. All of these antivirus, malware and info center products have been tested in the wild all mother good bad and ugly! Hopefully, by my missteps, will help in your journey into Internet marketing of just computers, in general, and will be safer than mine!


I primarily use Macintosh. Most of these reviews (but not all) are for Mac users.

Best AV For Mac


Kaspersky Internet Security For Mac – As you'll probably see and if a thousand posts around this site, we have recently hired a considerable problem with hackers and botnets. Of all of the security software that we tested the only one that could detect The botnet malware hidden, and my Mac Pro was Kaspersky. Kaspersky could accurately pinpoint malicious files where Sophos and Malwarebytes failed. I'm not sure why this company gets such a bad name because of security products go, They succeeded where Malwarebytes and Sophos were unable to detect anything. Look for a full review with plenty of screenshots to prove it.


Kaspersky could accurately pinpoint malicious files where Sophos and Malwarebytes Cleaned my computer is free from infection!


Mac Network Security, Malware Removal Infosec

Fingbox: Free App To See Who Is Connected To Your Mac WiFi!

We will be do a magnanimous review of in the not so distant future. I figured I would throw together this quick post with some of the pluses and minuses to Fingbox. What the product is now, and what it was supposed to be are likely two different things.

Fingbox – This handy network security tool helps you keep track of who has been on your wireless and gave you the ability to block the device.

BitDefender For Mac – This is also a solid choice if you were trying to keep your Mac free of malware and viruses. Honestly, Kaspersky might be a better solution in my opinion.

CCleaner For Mac – While this isn't traditionally considered an antivirus or malware removal tool. CCleaner can take on the role of the root user to delete any nastiness that might be hiding inside of your computer isn't talked about enough. Just running CCleaner can help prevent the early-onset of malware.

NORDVPN – Half the battle you will have with hackers keeping your IP address and exact physical location a mystery wall we have tested a ton of VPNs NORD is always a clear winner.

WP Site Guardian – This is for those of you that take your WordPress security seriously and don't mind spending a few extra bucks on it. Otherwise, might be just as well served using Wordfence.

Little Snitch – An advanced network filter and monitor for Macintosh that gives you total control over the traffic and processes running on your network.


Others (Some Still In Review Queue)



I've had to go through the inconvenience of a hacked blog before and let me tell you it's not nice. With online security becoming an increasing problem, especially with WordPress, this is a great way to secure your blog. I'll be following Matt's training and securing all my blogs …


Blog Defender 2018 – 99% of success is making sure your sites stay online! Regardless of whether you need this offer, the information on this page is CRITICAL for you to know if you host your own sites.

Sophos For Mac Home (Free) – This anti-malware scanner is free and reasonably efficient analyzing your Internet connections for nefarious uses. The System scans are reasonably thorough, and you can't beat the price.

Sophos Home For PC (Free) – Sophos PC is better value to Norton in my opinion, and it's free. From my limited experience it's even more useful then it's Mac counterpart.

McAfee Total Protection – Trusted anti-virus and privacy protection for fixed of devices you can protect. Protect every device you own with the same subscription at no extra cost, 100% guarantee viruses removed or your money back!

SafeBytes Anti-Malware A  highly skilled team of software developers from all over the world. We have worked diligently to produce the most advanced virus and malware protection available on the market today. And we also work round-the-clock to ensure that the extensive, comprehensive virus database which is the foundation of the software is entirely up to date at all times.

Supporting Articles and Research 2017-2018

IP Blacklist /Malicious User Agents (First Quater of 2018) – This is our list of malicious user agents in attacking IP's from the first quarter of 2018.

IP Blacklist Q4 2017 – Our quarter for the list for 2017 of top malicious attacking user regions of IP addresses.

Clickman, LLC Hacker Profile – The reason I know anything about information securities because of this Internet terrorist.

The Reaper Botnet – Real life tale of this website versus a massive botnet attack ongoing to this day. Also includes one of our patented list of bad user agents, IP's and hostnames.

Why Cloudflare Sucks Sometimes I get confused as to if CloudFlare is defending the hackers or protecting them.This article is a bit of a rant on that very subject.

The Benefits of Rogue Identity – Having a rogue identity isn't as Edward Snowden as it sounds.With as many threats to your information privacy, it can be very handy to have one persona for real-life and another to be used on the Internet.

Why It's Important to Protect Your Clients Privacy – If you were like many of us, his clients are a necessary evil.If you don't want to lose them don't be living their data falling into the wrong hands.Back as early as 2016, I was advocating the use of VPNs to help protect client data and it's even truer today!

The Crypto Currency and Malware Connection – The latest internet gold rush has been besieged by malware. Yes, that's right your own cryptocurrency blockchain could very easily be the victim of malware! Who saw that coming an Internet economy not regulated by anyone?


Security, Internet Safety, and Cybercrime Resources


OpenDNS – From Cisco Systems this advance DNS protection can't do a lot to help problems before they start. Just point your DNS servers to and

AbuseIPDB – Online database global threats from hackers and cybercriminals. We are a frequent contributor to this database.


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