Internet Marketing Scams 2017

Unfortunately, we had to include this internet marketing scam section, when you are in the business where people are trying to make money from other people that or trying to make money online there are going to be some scammers. Most internet marketing review sites are afraid to “go negative” because they won't get the highest payout on some “high ticket items” as an affiliate. Not at Shiny Object Reviews, you think it is just as important to tell you which products to stay away from as recommending the right ones. Hopefully, this list of Internet marketing scams doesn't get too long.

Precious NG aka Precious

Project Supremacy – Unfortunately, one of my favorite shiny objects has turned to the dark side. To be honest, I should've seen this one coming ever since I first promoted them as an affiliate and Todd Spears and Herc Magnus decided they would rather not pay me!


Flow Leads – Using Flow Leads you can make stellar looking landing pages as well as grow your email list using the “viral loop” method promises to build your email list at an exponential. The only thing this lackluster software and training course does is leaves a colossal dent your credit card.

CBS Formula – Before I go negative on Precious Ngwu’s I'm going to follow the training step-by-step and see if I become a millionaire. Let's see where that gets me.

Facebook Like ScamThis video confirms my experiece with fake facebook fans.

Yes, that is my real bank account.

jason quinlans bank account





More JV ZOO Scams

Zapable – World's first drag and drop mobile “scam funnel builder”, I mean app builder. Everyone wants an app. You are the guy. No coding necessary.

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I Cost Project Supremacy 3 Their Private Island! 🙂

Why Most Internet Marketing Product Review Sites Are Fake (Part 1) This article will be expanding; I have my parents in town week. It has been somewhat of a drag all my time resources. In case you missed the recent drama on Facebook. It's worth checking out. You can...
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About The PVA Creator and Limitless from BrowSEO

About The PVA creator from BrowSEO Here's some news recently sent out by BrowSEO developer Simon Dadia: "Were updating it soon but it will never be 100% automated again - this is a good thing."   Why is this a good thing? Simon Continues, "Simply because there...
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Buy An IFTTT Network At A Discount From SERP Space

Where To Buy The Best IFTTT Network Solutions? People ask me all the time is where to get the best price on IFTTT Syndication Networks. I used to make them myself, but truth is these days I subcontract all of that labor intensive work. It's way too much manual work to...
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Today's IM News Project Supremacy Still Sucks!

Today's IM News: Pinterest, BrowSEO, SEO AutoPilot, Project Supremacy and Udemy So, many big IM stories to cover. First and foremost, let's not forget that Project Supremacy is a scam and the don't pay their affiliates! Udemy Learn Fest Extended Udemy coupon code...
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New Video Powerhouse Review Video Added Update 5/20/2017

New Video Powerhouse Review Video Added Update 5/20/2017   I am only dropping in this quick post to let you know that I have...
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How To Use BrowSEO Intelligent Automation!

BrowSEO Tutorial: How To Use Intelligent Automation Using BrowSEO's Intelligent Automation to log in accounts is one of my favorite /BrowZio/ features. You will seldom need to use it because BrowSEO saves your cache and cookies, The login macros come in handy when you...
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Serp SpaceVideo Powerhouse Review

Serp Space - Video Powerhouse Review Update 2017 Video Powerhouse is part of the suite of services offered to members of Serp Space by the fine folks at Semantic Mastery. The way it works is pretty simple; You take a video you want to promote and optionally a...
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Project Supremacy V3 WordPress Plugin (SCAM ALERT) 2017

Project Supremacy V3 WordPress Plugin (SCAM ALERT) 2017 Update May 12, 2017: I am at this moment revoking my endorsement of Project supremacy. The product is a scam. Herc Magnus and Todd Spears have control of your site; you don't! They can obfuscate, change...
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RYS Drive Stacks: Never Be You On 2nd Page For Local SEO Again!

<blockquote class="embedly-card" data-card-key="0cb32639992c4096a216244a29ac97e9" data-card-type="article-full"><h4><a href="">Shiney Object Reviews Vip Free...
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About The Project Supremacy Affiliate Program

The Project Supremacy Affiliate Program Scam If you're thinking of promoting Project Supremacy as an affiliate, let me show you my real stats. The vendor, Todd Spears, I believe was kicked off JV Zoo. I don't know how that's possible. If you still want to promote...
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