Internet Marketing Scams 2017

Unfortunately, we had to include this internet marketing scam section, when you are in the business where people are trying to make money from other people that or trying to make money online there are going to be some scammers. Most internet marketing review sites are afraid to “go negative” because they won't get the highest payout on some “high ticket items” as an affiliate. Not at Shiny Object Reviews, you think it is just as important to tell you which products to stay away from as recommending the right ones. Hopefully, this list of Internet marketing scams doesn't get too long.

Precious NG aka Precious NGWU

In the hollows over Internet marketing scams, there probably is no name more synonymous than Precious Ngwu (spelling altered to dodge people Googling his name) with scammer. He currently continues to run fraudulent operations through JV ZOO and the other networks (Abakaliki Internet) after being banned from the Warrior Forum (which is pretty hard to do).

My Growing List Of Internet Marketing Scams

Project Supremacy

Perhaps our best known “poser exposed” was how half out of revenge and 100% truth we blew the door off of the Project supremacy scam. Which, no more private island for poor Herc Magnus, who could have stopped this whole debacle, if not for his ego. When in fact, for a site to be AMP compliant it can't be using a 3rd party javascript. So all the big PS3 launch was just a giant fire sale before the mobile first index made it obsolete. Another topic the Spears and Magnus duo failed to address. As it appears to me, if you aren't using Google Tag Manager to insert your schematic data, you won't be going far in the mobile first index!

A nearly $500+ yearly + $34 a month for ???, my reputation assassination, was a much-needed Coup, De Gras.

project supremacy scam

Project Supremacy – Unfortunately, one of my favorite shiny objects has turned to the dark side. To be honest, I should've seen this one coming ever since I first promoted them as an affiliate and Todd Spears and Herc Magnus decided they would rather not pay me! I would also like to add that since I have exposed these thieves and liars, I have been subject to constant hacking attempts, though they may be hearsay, they do bear their fingerprint. You can decide for yourself.


Precious NG


Flow Leads – Using Flow Leads you can make stellar looking landing pages as well as grow your email list using the “viral loop” method promises to build your email list at an exponential. The only thing this lackluster software and training course does is leaves a huge dent your credit card.

CBS Formula – Before I go negative on Precious Ngwu’s I'm going to follow the training step-by-step and see if I become a millionaire. Let's see where that gets me.


Dan Anton – I've been saying this product first opened that this traffic was nothing but hitbot4 years later the truth is out widely. Perhaps Dan Anton is one of those guys that just deserves his name on the Ripoff Report. Because while lied to a huge community of webmaster that was spending way too much more for overpriced credits, Dan was living the goog lfe on money he took from you.

Must be nice, huh?


Adult Scams Masquerading As Mainstream


PaperStreetCash – Is a Maimi based affiliate program that does not pay and a scam.


Well Known Internet Matketers On The RipOff Report – Not that the RipOff Report is the most trust-worthy site, but I have personal experience with each of these IM'ers listed here to say that these report are not 100% fiction..

More JV ZOO Scams

Zapable – World's first drag and drop mobile “scam funnel builder”, I mean app builder. Everyone wants an app. You are the guy. No coding necessary.

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