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Backtoon Comic Kit Review

JV Zoo Product by Shelley Penney

Backtoon Comic Kit by Shelley Penney was a product I found on JV Zoo in the bestsellers category. You know a product is decent when the developer isn't afraid to send you a legitimate demo copy. I have mentioned this in other posts. Most other review sites are nothing but scams. They would try to sell gasoline to a burning man if they thought he could get them a $50 affiliate commission.

Now that we have a small amount of clout, unless we have thoroughly tested a product, we won't recommend it. I challenge you to find one review site that's “gone negative” like Shiny Object Reviews how's on Project Supremacy, FlowLeads, Zappable, or the CBS Formula. We didn't make money writing those articles! We lost it!

We would rather preserve our integrity and tell you what Internet marketing scams to avoid and lose money, then try to sell you some crap and never have you listen to our advice again.

Enough of Your Self-Aggrandizing: Where Is The Backtoons Comic Kit Review?

Backtoons Comic Collection has a retro comic style. Every element is in a style that immediately taps into the Bugs Bunny world of “retro” comics and cartoons. Using this kind of animations gives your website a unique pleasant / nostalgic, fuzzy feeling. I mean who doesn't love their old-school comics. If you were to have an animator create these for you, it would cost you a grip of cash.

Look beneath this cute animated pig to see everything you get for a VERY low price.


This Is What You Get!


Module #1- 2000+ Comic Style Backgrounds
Module #2- 200+ Comic Style Square Backdrops
Module #3- 117 Comic words
Module #4- 200+ Comic Strip Elements
Module #5- 80 Facial Expressions
Module #6- Backtoons Animal Kingdom- 40 animals- 5 poses each- 200 png files
Module #7- Comic Style Lettering
Module #8- Free Developer License

Bonus #1 – PowerPoint Comic Tutorial
Bonus #2 – Backtoons Comic Pals- 10 CHARACTERS- 118 IMAGE FILES
Bonus #3 – PowerPoint Comic Template
Bonus #4 – 6 Comic Strip Swipes- 3 formats- jpg, pdf, PPT

8 Modules of Animated Animated Animal Kingdom Critters (600 files!)
7 ELITE modules of Making Faces Animal & People Version (195 files)
30 Animated Comic Action Words (90 files)

Bonus Items

 DEVELOPER LICENSE (Use for client work too!)

Bonus #1- an INCREDIBLE Instant Presenter Making Kit (hundreds of files)
Bonus #2- 19 modules of premium web graphics (HUNDREDS of files!)
Bonus #3- 10 Premium Bonus Backgrounds
Bonus #4- 25 Bonus Health and Fitness Animations
Bonus #5- 25 Bonus Home and Kitchen Animations


Bonus Graphics

Animation Training

Great Value!

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