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Just in case you didn't know, Prett Links Pro 2! They have added a ton of great features:

Pretty Link Pro 2.0: The "Best-Kept-Secret in Internet Marketing"

Today, with no pomp and circumstance, the "best-kept-secret in Internet marketing " quietly upgraded to Version 2. I put together an 80-page white paper with this Pretty Link Pro 2.0 Review on its "off-the-shelf" uses. Eventually, I will sell it. Since you're already on my site, you can check it out free .

Pretty Links Pro 2.0 is one of the most underrated tools for any affiliate marketer who wants to make money with affiliate marketing techniques. It is a WordPress plugin for tracking and cloaking all your affiliate links. There is a free version as well as the Pro version of this product. The Pro version comes with numerous benefits to all affiliate marketers across the globe. This tool will make all your affiliate links look prettier and monitor how strong those links are. Pretty affiliates links are an excellent way to improve your conversions in the long run. This article provides a comprehensive review of Pretty Link Pro.

The Features of Pretty Link Pro.


. The plugin helps shorten your links quite quickly. You have the ability to no-follow these links and even double redirect to remove the referer information. . The plugin will easily track the hits and clicks on your affiliate link. . There is an option to create custom groups which will help you quickly find and replace your affiliate links later on. . The software will allow replacing keywords or even URLs with excellent very clickable links quickly. . You can automatically share your pretty links on Twitter.


New just added:

Pretty Links Pro 1.6.5 a handful of critical Twitter fixes for Pro users. All Pro users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as they can.

* Fixed bugs with reports not showing * Fixed Twitter auto-posting * Fixed scheduled posts * Upgraded code to work with PHP 5.4+ * Other minor bug fixes and improvements


pretty link pro avanced features tab


Pretty Links Does More Than Mask Affiliate Links


  • Cloaking your affiliate links with Pretty Link Pro is quite easy. First, you download and install the plugin on your WordPress site. Once the plugin is activated, you can go ahead and create an affiliate link within minutes. Adding a new link takes only a minute. Just hover over the Pretty Link Pro menu and click Add New Link.
  • The Add New Link offers a few options for you to choose. Some of these options include 307 (Temporary), Pretty Bar, 301 (Permanent), Meta Refresh, Cloaked, Pixel, and Javascript. There is an advanced option where you can double direct your affiliate link through another URL to remove the referer information.
  • Advanced webmasters are going to love this feature. You have the option to rotate links and also test different landing pages in the Pro version of the plugin. A/B testing is a simple way to split test your offers. The plugin provides valuable information about the times your links got clicked. The plugin makes it easier to track your link clicks and other vital statistics. You have the option to export and relevant links quickly in the Pro option of the plugin.
  • The Options Panel helps make the plugin a great affiliate link manager instead of just a link shortener. There is a myriad of choices that come with the Pro version of the plugin. The product comes with six free training videos that will walk you through the basics of everything you need to know when using the plugin.
  • There is also an extensive user manual to show you show the use the plugin effectively. All in all, the Pretty Link Pro is one of the most underrated plugins for affiliate marketers across the globe. I give this plugin a 5-star rating since it is something an affiliate marketer needs.


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Home » Internet Marketing Tool Reviews » Pretty Link Pro » In Depth Review Of Pretty Links Pro 1.6.5 WordPress Plugin
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