An optimized landing page can increase conversions by a significant margin according to experts. A smart site owner will always look to gain a competitive edge over the market, and landing pages have the ability to do this.

However, most people don't have the capacity to build their landing pages from scratch. It is time-consuming and almost impossible unless you are a professional coder.

What about those who are not as savvy with coding? WP Profit Builder is a plugin offered through WordPress to help build and setup landing pages on your site.

This review will pour into how effective this is as an option.


1) 60+ Templates For Various Pages On Site
2) Easy To Install WordPress Plugin
3) Live Preview Feature For All Templates
4) Customize Templates To Heart's Content
5) Background Videos Can Be Added In
6) Various Additional Items (i.e. Images, Timers, Buttons)
7) Integration With Mail Services (i.e. Aweber, MailChimp)
8) 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
9) World-Class Customer Support Offered
10) Responsive Designs For All Screen Sizes


The features are impressive with this plugin. The variation in templates, quality support, and responsive designs are breathtaking aspects of what this plugin can do for site owners.

It will change how everything is done forever. The landing pages are impressive as soon as they are put up.

The amount of customization offered is unique and can be a game changer for site owners.


lolgo for wp profit builder


Excellent Support


Let's begin with the support. It is excellent with how well-supported the plugin is. They are regularly updating the coding and making sure the templates are perfect. They listen to what users have to say and implement changes along the way.

It is nice to see the amount of support they have to offer around the clock.

It is professional and adds to the plugin's value.

Any plugin without support is not worth your time, and that is a plus point here.


Can Cause Lagging


Is there a con? Many site owners talk about lagging because of how the landing pages are designed. It is not a consistent lag, but one that is noticeable from time to time. Many people feel this is unacceptable, but others rarely notice it.

For those who are okay with the chance of lagging, this is a great plugin.

The lagging is not to a point where the site becomes impossible to use, so this fear should be put out of one's mind.


It is a good option. It is not out of this world, but it is something one will find useful for their site.

The variation in templates, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support give it value in the eyes of prospective site owners. It does create conversions based on how the landing page is designed.

The lagging and average documentation might drag it down a tad, but it is still an excellent option.

In the end, this receives a three-star rating.

A good option and one that won't disappoint when put in use.


BUY NOW!!!!!!!!


Check it out here:








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