How To Quickly Create Free Local Citations Using Robo Form!

If you are just getting started out in SEO, local search engine optimization is a great place to start. If you know anything about them, you need to be familiar with what a NAP (name, address, phone number) because that is how the business on Google maps and that is how the vast majority of people searching on mobile devices will be seeking the business. Say someone is driving around looking for a dry-cleaner, and they are all about the clothes, where are they going to go? The closest of course! That's why having your local citations wired tight is so important.The problem is, if you were just getting started you might be working on a budget going to the great citation building services like Whitespark or Loganix is what most search engine optimization people do.Say you are working on a tight budget, or you don't have many clients, and you also must have the time to be able to do it. You can drastically cut the amount of time you'll spend building citations by using RoboForm. I would say you can build a complete citation in about two minutes using RoboForm. If factor in the time, you spend, it averages out about five minutes per citation. Considering a quote costs about $3-$5, and we'll take you six weeks time with Whitespark (less with Loganix) you were looking at saving yourself $60 per hour up against $200 dollars per hour.

Why RoboForm Can Save You Money!


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Citations and Roboform


Let me add to that when you order a bunch of citations from a third-party service. You will get them back all using the same bit of text you wrote a description. Here is the problem, because of the duplicate content Google often doesn't index by using a tool like Backlinks Indexer. If you build your citations, you can make all original text for each. I make one I make one “Master citation” and run it through Spin Rewriter. It probably won't read well, so you will have to fix it up. No person is ever going to read spintax and it won't convert. Just make sure after you're done to read the output of the spun text and correct any grammatical errors.




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Whitespark Local Citation Finder Review Review of WhiteSpark's Local Citation Finder   Whitespark is the opposite of Loganix. Not in a bad way at all. It lets you do things much more affordable...

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