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Sniply is a tool that allows you add a call to action on every single link to your website. A CTA enables a box pop up with a button that encourages visitors to do any number of actions, from subscribing to your RSS feed or newsletter, to following your Twitter profile or liking you on Facebook. You've likely seen this on other websites before, and if you're a forward-thinking online marketer, you've probably been impressed by how good of an idea it is. Sniply gives you the means of implementing the same functionally on any website you own with relative ease.


Talk About Some Clients


Sniply is used by sites and companies such as IBM, Accenture, Greenpeace, Dropbox, Autodesk, and Experian. Its praises have also sung by the likes of, Hub Spot, Get Response, Moz, App Sumo, and Buffer. The power of Sniply is in helping webmasters, and content owners bolster the engagement of their traffic and visitors tenfold. That is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a successful website.

Just think what could happen if you had an easy way to make sure everyone visiting that one page was to make sure to check out everything else you're doing. A lot of people visit a link and then click away without every thinking much about it. When presenting them the opportunity to follow on social media through a Sniply generated the call to action!


sniply review of dashboard

Need Social Proof?


If you're skeptical of how well this works, there are other applications of this principle generates results. Think about your visits to bookstores, for example. They always ask you if you're a rewards member. If the opportunity to join is not presented, hardly anyone would even know they could do so. You'll also notice that many popular Youtube channels make sure to promote the fact that you can subscribe to them and get notified whenever they put up new videos. Before Youtubers starting pointing this out, a lot of viewers didn't even realize that function was possible. When you use Sniply on your website to suggest following you, you're essentially doing the same thing.

The only downside is if you have a site that blocks I-frames it will keep Sniply from inserting your call to action, But the link will still work. A lot of the big search engine optimization blogs like MOZ and Search Engine Land you will not be able to use the call to action feature.

With Sniply installed on your site, you can make sure your visitors are significantly more likely to keep up with you from there on. This is especially important if you're interested in making money through an online business or affiliated blog. You can make sure to promote any relevant products or links and keep people coming back for more. Promotion and only getting the word out that you even exist everything when it comes to succeeding online, so you should take every opportunity available to make sure people can discover everything you're putting out there. Sniply is a straightforward and easy way to keep the traffic and income rolling in much more consistently than you might have even realized.

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