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How do you target Facebook users for your ad campaigns? Facebook lets you target users in function of their demographics, location or in function of their interests. Creating a Custom Audience on Facebook is fairly easy but this method is not precise enough. If you have been relying on the filters made available by Facebook, you are probably getting a fairly low clickthrough rate for your Facebook ads.

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Ali G Marketing's Social Interest Freak takes things further by allowing you to target Facebook users in a much more precise manner. This Adobe Air program can be used on any Mac or PC and lets you create as many different audiences as you need. You will get access to more advanced targeting features than what Facebook lets you use and you should be able to get better results for the campaigns you run on this social network.

Social Interest Freak allows you to target users based on demographics, location, interests, and other characteristics. This software really makes a difference by letting you target users in function of their online behaviors, which isn't something Facebook lets you do. You can, for instance. create an audience that includes users who have made a purchase online in the past month. Including users who never shop online is a waste of your advertising budget since these Facebook users will not buy your product even if it is relevant to their interests.


Uses social interest free to target your Facebook



For that reason, Social Interest Freak is extremely precise and lets you adjust a number of settings to create the best target audience for your ad campaigns. You can target people in function of their household income, job title, interests, behaviors and shopping habits. You can use Social Interest Freak to target a group that shares a few characteristics or to target users and excludes others who do not share a specific characteristic.


You Will Wonder How You Lived Without Social Interest Freak


This software is really easy to use. All you have to do is drag and drop the elements you want to use to target your audience. You can create a customized audience for an ad campaign or create a few different group to show different versions of your ad.

The downside of using Social Interest Freak is that Facebook can change its terms at any time. This means marketers might no longer be allowed to use third party tools to create their campaign. This software would become useless if Facebook decides to update its terms and no longer allow users to rely on this kind of tools to target audiences and manage ad campaigns.

With everything mentioned, Social Interest Freak is still an interesting tool since it will really give you an advantage over your competitors who are relying on the filters provided by Facebook to create audiences. This software lets you spend your advertising money more efficiently by reaching out to the right users and eliminating the Facebook users who are likely to scroll past your ads without clicking. This software is very easy to use and you can get started right away. This could really make a difference if you feel that you haven't been getting a good click through rate for your Facebook ads.


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4 stars review

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