Viral Autobots Review, Bonus and Killer Hack for 2017

Viral Autobots, despite its cheesy sales page, is one of the coolest services for Internet marketers that I have seen in a while. It enables you to scan Facebook and Instagram based on your search to find out what the most sticky and viral web content is and even more importantly it will show you the size of the audience and how many people are talking about it. The activity tells you if whether a particular affiliate offer is worth the time to build pages and promote.

How To Use Viral Autobots 2017 (Hack)

First, log in to your account by O-Authing with Facebook. The search for the most viral content by keyword. You will see a;; of the Facebook pages sorted descending (the one's at the top have the most interaction). The Viral Autobots login is here,

viral autobots dashboard

Then go one tab down to “discover” and paste the page you chose in and set your minimum likes. Depending on your niche this will vary. In some niches you can set this at 1000, small niche the default 10 is fine.

viral autobots discover

You will the see all of the content that has gone viral. Here is where change your strategy. DO NOT use Viral Autobots (or any other scheduling system including HootSuite). Facebook rewards posts created within Facebook. Post to you pages natively (from Facebook) or you will kill your reach.

a viral cat pic

SCREENSHOT THE IMAGE! DO NOT JUST DOWNLOAD IT! If you just save the file you will keep the meta info and Facebook will flag you. A screenshot had no meta info. Save all of the files on your hard drive and switch the name to cat.jpg instead. of our screenshot. Then go to your page and schedule out your posts. These are a few extra steps, but because you laser-targeted content you can lower you posting frequency to just a few time a week and get better results!



Once the software determines what the viral in most shared posts are, you set up Viral Autobots to update your fan pages or Facebook groups with that sticky content. That content can be anything it can be a MEME, a funny picture or video clip it does not matter as long as it is pertinent to the niche which you are promoting.

If you were to go through Facebook one at a time and tried to find all of the viral images it would take forever, and you would not even be correct half the time based on your tastes. This information is pure mathematics. Then you have to download the picture or video and then re-upload it to your page, and that is far from the most efficient way of doing it.

viral-autobots PMWith Viral Autobots, you just set up your niches you want, and it does posting for you. You have to remember that these viral posts get seen by hundreds, thousands and at times millions of people. Now here is where you might get skeptical. Those viral Facebook pages are already up, but you have to remember that Facebook is such a big website, that Even if it is gone viral, there is a high chance that 98% of Facebook has not seen that particular piece of content.

So what do you think happens when it goes up on your page? That is right it goes viral again. There is no need to boost your Facebook posts because the organic reach is already so high. In the very recent past, Facebook has diminished the outreach that the fan pages have because they know that they are for marketing. So, if you want maximum exposure in your post, then you are going to need to boost.




Another great thing about Viral Autobots is it works on pure mathematics. It does not matter if the picture or whatever it finds is entertaining to you or not it is, of course, or entertained and engaged an enormous number of people so why not just replicate success.

That is why simply have no other choice, but to give it a five-star review and also offer you my excellent bonus package which includes all four of my first courses plus the rest of our gift items because that is how sure I am you were going to fall in love with this program.

Not only that, it is easy to use. Literally, within 20 minutes of purchase, you could be open running and be the viral Facebook mogul, you have always wanted to be and once start traffic flows the sales will follow!

Affiliate Marketing Crash Course, Training, and Pro Tips Bonus!


Affiliate Marketing Crash Course, Training, and Pro Tips

If you decide to take me up on my bonus offer. Just email me your JV Zoo sales receipt to [email protected] and I will hook you up with your awesome bonus package!


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