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There are some reasons why you might consider using an anonymous VPN network or private proxy connection to surf the Internet. Both offer a similar degree of privacy, however, whether you want to be using VPN versus a proxy will vary. Proxies are commonly required by certain software platforms to mask the users IP whereas VPN might be better suited for an individual on a mobile phone. This configuration is only a rule of thumb. If you keep reading, we include videos that demonstrate how are you can make use of both!

Private VPN Hosting

Hide My Ass VPN Service – The most well-known and trusted VPN HMA has more skin in the game than anyone in the business!

Strong VPN – My personal choice and what I like to use to surf the internet in privacy.

PureVPNHand down the most reliable, fastest and most secure hosting on the net. They are running a special to Xmas for $2.45 which is a tough offer to turn down!!

Private Proxy Servers:

Buy ProxiesIf you are looking to get all blackhat and sneaky, you are going to need proxies. If you need proxies, you can't do better than Buy Proxies!

Storm Proxies One of the reliable providers of a wider range of private proxy and dedicated proxy servers. Having good proxies is just a cost of business if you have hired outsourcers and are trying to maintain a regional presence.

Forum Proxy Leecher (Personal Edition) – Forum Proxy Leecher (FPL) is an intelligent proxy leecher that can extract proxies from various proxy sites and proxy forums even if the proxies are in the attachment. It can also extract the unique proxies from a huge file and rapidly classify them.

1000 Bulk HTTP Proxies – Don't worry we're not even going to ask where you're going to do with that many proxies.

Elite Premium Proxies – Download elite http proxies by Elite Proxy Switcher every day.

Hide My IP Service – My IP Hide (MIH) is the client-end software of our encrypted private proxy service. It can help you to visit the blocked sites and protect your Internet privacy.

Microleaves – Avery elegant proxy solution with some different alternates.

Captcha Breakers


2Captcha – The most commonly used cache service that works with programs like SEO AutoPilot, Joy Troyer's new link Indexing Autopilot, GSA and Project Supremacy. Don't let the billing in Rebels through you off. 10$ of credit of this system lasts for a long time, even with heavy use.

GSA Captcha BreakerAn absolute must-have if you are going to go to the dark side.


Blackhat SEO:


SEO AutoPilot – An excellent replacement for GSA this mass link built uses Google Chrome to mimic human behavior.

BrowSEO – The ultimate SEO tool that can be as blackhat or whitehat as you want it to be.

Serpify – Mass build location-based sites that appear cloaked to Google. Tactics like these have been around for a while, but this software sends “social signals” to cover your tracks.

CrowdSearch.me – Manipulate your Google ranking by a little known CTA spamming.

BlueChip Backlinks – Find domains without and owner with high DA links already pointing to them.

FCS Networker – A perfect tool to use with GSA Search Engine Ranker to make and register accounts on high domain authority Web 2.0 properties to create “link wheels” of high DA properties to make a protective ring for your mass Ink building

GSA Search Engine RankerMy weapon of choice when it comes to blackhat link building.

Daily Updated GSA SER Premium Verified Lists – The can save you an enormous headache trying to build your lists, which is a chore in itself.

Supporting Articles

Why You Might Consider A Rouge IdentityAll of the legitimate reasons you would want to maintain your Internet privacy.

How Ticket Scalpers Use Proxies – To buy out of your favorite concert and events.

Why Local Lead Generation Is Blackhat and Spammy – If this is your business model, I'm sorry, someone has to be honest.

The Only Tool Every Blackhatter Must Have – if You're even going to think about getting into the dark side of SEO, you don't need to just hard your ass, you need to keep it clean too!

Do You Do Client SEO Services – Then Google wants to know who you are and what properties you control? Why even whitehats should consider hiding their ass!

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