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Scam Alert: PaperStreetCash Affiliate Program

These guys are scammers. I know this was years ago, but these guys are one of those affiliate programs that do business by the ïf you turn your back we don't pay you”. I was talking with a friend on Skype, and he said he made $30 on some stupid adult stuff. Wondering if I still have an account.

I used the old password and was able to log in my old account, and this is what I saw.


paper street cash - affiliate scam

So What Happened?


I changed my address, and they just stopped sending checks. I got the Skype contacts and hit them up about it. I think the staff has changed because it was a guy named Amir back in the day.

In trying to collect y $2500, this is how awesome this went. These guys are honest and stand-up guys


paper louie skype

Skype 2: Paper Steet Zak


And then there was this Zak guy, who was equally responsive:


paper steeet cash zak

But, It's Been years!


I know it was years ago, but the concept is nothing new. $2500 bucks are $2500: Fuck you, pay me!
Just say no deadbeat affiliate programs!
On their page which I will not link because this is an adult affiliate program, but if you are thinking about trying to make money with them: Don't! PaperStreetCash does not pay!
Paper Zak

Affiliate Manager

Skype: paper_zak
[email protected]

Paper Louis

Affiliate Manager

[email protected]

 If you are an affiliate and trying to make money. Avoid these guys they are a scam!
If you have been scammed by Paper Street Media, LLC thier offices are located:

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Home » Scams » Paper Street Cash Affiliate Program Scam

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