99% Of Internet Marketing Review Sites Are Fake Scams

Hey, I'm your boy Jay. I made the video you see above the post to demonstrate how most internet marketing sites are scams. Gone are the day's opulence, it doesn't seem so long ago I was living in two million dollar house.



Hollywood To HollyHood

Now I'm just here in “Hollyhood, of ” and I appreciate the little I've got. A friend of mine friend of mines us let me stay till I get my act together. Here's my office and this is what I do my work when nobody else is around to bug me.


Another Perfect Day?


It another perfect day ending in Southern California. I do my daily ritual I'm going to walk down to the liquor store by three iced teas from the Chinese people. That's all I can afford to see I've been at the top, and I've been at the bottom before. Despite my financial difficulties, and what I'm not going to do is I'm going to run a fake review. You can have an authority affiliate site. I've done before. It's simple, don't lie to the consumer.I think it was the most money an I ever made. I was collecting checks, sometimes it I wasn't even sure who they were coming. I figured I got two big ballers myself when and some fancy-pants business partners. While I'm on the subject, fuck you, Morgan, fuck you JC, fuck you Nick, so screw you guys! I do not I have much, but at least I've got integrity. I got me three ice teas, a Snickers bar, and Starbucks.

That's all the activity I'm gonna do today, but I ain't gonna make a fake ass review site. Ever notice on every review sites everything is always rosy. How is it everything can be 4 and 5 stats? That is physically impossible. Take this example CBS Formula:


The Anatomy Of A Typical Fake Review Site



fake cbs formula review


The CBS Formula the biggest scam of all time brought to you by veteran scammer Precious NG. I would rather not do a review at all than waste space you.I don't enjoy hurting people's feelings, but even the FTC states as an affiliate you should offer an objective opinion. Most these other review sites do only reviews for internet marketing products they haven't even tried!Why are all of the reviews so positive? Jvzoo or ClickBank have a good high payout and theses fake review sites just want money! Most internet marketing product review sites are nothing but scams. Yes, that's right it sounds like the bold statement from a guy who owns an internet marketing review site! As you can see in the screenshot above, CBS Formula complete piece of garbage. It's kind of funny we look at these other reviews got five stars. How do I know? Because to do a review of this site I bought the piece a garbage. This crab digital product Flow Leads App with some half ass training video by Damon Nelson from RSSMasher.

So Why The 5 Stars?


That is because you don't mae any money with negative reviews, but you're also duping the consumer, by telling telling them to buy an IM Product or SEO Tool you've never actually tested and lying to visitors telling them they can earn $1,000 a day with “X formula” are delivering a BAD USER EXPERIENCE! You audience will feel ripped off no matter how many junk PLR bonuses you try to throw it.

About MuncheEye.com


If you look further at these phony review sites terms like “launch price”,  “front end price” and “vendor” — it's all ripped crap from muncheye.com! Then they just go through they take a shot of this sales page put together some crappy copy curated by some guy in the Philippines and by the time it's all done there are 2000 words, so it creates the illusion they tested the crappy product! The “long form copy” is why fake review sire ranks so high in google. I cannot wait to Google stops rewarding. If you can say the same thing with 3 words as you can 3000 – DO IT!


They Are Multiplying


I will show you how not only are theses site not even real review sites, but the webmasters who own them in most case are the exact same person and formatting the same crap content on 2 domains.   bad scam review site sales page


They even have the exact same guy doing testimonials about how awesome these products are as you will see in the 2 screenshots below.



Funny it's the both sites even use same the same theme!


serpify box cover


Want To See Thing Clearer: Look In The Mirror?


I'm the same graphic right but used stars instead of lines. I wonder if that got a nine seven her, oh yeah, he has a different rating system that's gonna throw everybody off! The sidebars have the same banners! UGH. The reason you wouldn't want to write bad reviews is that people don't buy on bad reviews. I'll be honest, when I was first getting started and didn't have traffic, I did a few a few of these fudged reports. I'm not proud of it. This review probably pissed some Udemy instructor off for the two stars. I could have been like the other guys and gave it ten, and I don't do this to be mean. I do this to be a real review site real! Honest review sites don't automatically rat everything 10! That's why Google hates affiliates!


hurc magnus on jm digital seo facebook

Got A Dead Horse? Let's Beat it!



Let;s not forget my most famous bad for Project Supremacy! I haven't gotten a Google penalty in forever and I did for “spamy structured data“. Do you know how I got rid of that problem? I deleted the plugin! Project Supremacy it damages your website! I don't get pleasure out of it, I'd rather like write up some awesome review, make sales and have my own apartment and not living on the streets! I had these whining “your review had its intended effect” “you probably cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars, and oh my god or Learjet and a private island.

Fuck it, I've got 2 years invested in this site and Google Rankbrain is no dummy, it don't care if I lose some money in the short tern, I'm not going to get a loyal readership by giving crap internet marketing products good reviews and I'm ok with that.

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