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SEO Tool Reviews For 2017

Our official list of reviews of search engine tools that still work in the year of 2017. Some can be useful for automating repetitive tasks, while others only work short-term and are likely to get your site penalized. We have included video demos and tutorials of each so you can better understand what you are getting into. We have broken them down into categories which explain exactly the benefits and uses each tool.

Best Free SEO Tools


Yoast – if you own a WordPress site, use Yoast. This takes care of critical features, such as setting a correct permalink structure, verifying the search console, setting up XML site maps, and giving you control over your meta-information. For your average user Yoast is all you need.

Google Analytics – I am sure you've heard of the term “big data” if you want big data on your site make sure to hook up Google analytics. Is also helpful to analyze this information and see which parts of your site are performing well and which ones could use improvement.

Google Search Console – Take advantage of the powerful features available to you coming straight from mother Google. This powerful feature formally known as Webmaster tools gives you valuable insight into your site speed, bad links, HTML mistakes, 404 issues and first line of defense against negative SEO.

Broken Link Checker – this free WordPress plug-in will crawl your site to discover both external and internal broken links. How can this plug-in be used for search engine optimization you might ask? A site with a lot of broken links is considered poor quality by Google because. Sometimes that's not the case, sites can to go off-line and change URL, and you might not even know it. This plug-in does an excellent job of-of keeping track bad links.

Google Tag Manager – By Google can helpful tool allows you at structured data to your pages without having to go in and edit them, you can also apply Facebook pixels and remarketing tags two pages you specify as well as a host of other features using data layers. Google tag manager is for advanced users.


 SEO Automation

BROWSEOIn my opinion, this is the greatest search engine tool that has ever created. You were able to create unlimited profiles in completely separate browser environments and run macros to automate common social tasks. That's just where it starts. You also can scrape Facebook to create your super viral pages using open graph data. It also includes PublishHub which allows you to publish to your PBNs from those separate profiles that you've created. By using multiple browser environments, this drastically reduces footprint issues. BrowSEO requires the use of dedicated proxies.

SEO AutoPilot – A 2017 mass link building alternative to Syndwire and GSA.

The BrowSEO Automation ClubGet five new macros every month for the programs and intelligent automation.

SEO Power Suite – All-in-one SEO software to run and manage full-blown SEO campaigns.

RSSMASHERThe ultimate tool for quick and painless RSS marketing! Build custom marketing RSS feeds for syndication!

RSSMASHER WORDPRESS PLUGIN – The new WordPress plugin to create sites with RSSMasher.

RSS FEED FINDER – Perfect to us with both of the items above find RSS feeds like you were using Yahoo Pipes again!

RSS SUBMIT – Automatically get you RSS feeds send out to all of the RSS directories for just that little extra bit of juice!

SERPIFY  – This web base platform create location specific pages en masse and generates social signals!

Keywords and Competition:

SEMRUSHThis is the ultimate keyword research tool for both Adwords campaigns and organic search. You can spy on your competitors with ease.

Long Tail Pro – The money is in the 70% of keywords you aren't thinking about. It's a secret!

RankTracker – A tool for unmatched keyword research and limitless rank tracking in Google and Bing.

On Page SEO

Project Supremacy An excellent tool which has many of the features of Yoast, the ability to add schematic data, keyword research, geo-tagging of images and much much more. We use this plug-in on this site.

Website Auditor Professional – A powerful SEO spider for technical website audit and content optimization.

The Best SEO Tools You Didn't Know About:

Pretty Link Pro – that's right, not being labeled “an affiliate” is a big part of SEO. Pretty Link (free or pro) not only cloaks affiliate links, it can be used to optimize your inbound and outbound link profiles and even do some pretty tricky black hat don't 301 redirects! ⇐⇐⇐ BOSS TIP

Grammarly – That is correct, I listed Grammarly at the top of SEO tools! Have you logged in Yoast lately? It's practically a grammar checker that doesn't check your Grammar! Check out how I use it to fix up bad Spintax, ⇐⇐⇐ BOSS TIP

Roboform – Just getting started doing some local consulting? Does the idea of decreasing your profit margin to some stingy local clients fill you with dread? Use Roboform! It's the same tool you'd be paying outsourcers to use anyway. That's right, you can create free local citations in just about a minute a piece using Roboform! ⇐⇐⇐ BOSS TIP


Backlinks IndexerOf all of the SEO tools on the market, this is one I will have to say our use almost every day. Dan Anton's White hat strategy of pinging blog services and various web 2.0 is far superior to even its second competitor.

Instant Link IndexerThe most affordable backlink pinging and indexing service. This service is worth its weight in gold.

GSA IndexerMake extra sure all of your links get picked up by search engines.

SEO Hosting:

NoNameInternetThis is one of those multilocation SEO hosts, but with the twist. Instead of being some sketchy fly-by-night Service they're better than most hosts, I pay twice as much for that don't have the privacy options.


SERP SpaceThe old cement tool for monitoring your IFTTT networks, getting new video embeds, link building, pressure releases and more.

BLUECHIP BACKLINKSAvoid domain auctions for your PBNS by using the crawling web service that finds and rebuilds unresisted domains with backlinks from Wikipedia, CNN, and other high trust flow domains.

Socialmonkee Review 2017 – Updated for 2017. Get the constant stream of backlinks to your sitesR


GSA Search Engine RankerMy weapon of choice when it comes to blackhat link building.

Daily Updated GSA SER Premium Verified Lists – The can save you an enormous headache trying to build your lists, which is a chore in itself.

GSA Captcha BeakerAn absolute must have if you are going to go to the dark side.

FCS Networker – A perfect tool to use with GSA Search Engine Ranker to make and register accounts on high domain authority Web 2.0 properties to create “link wheels” of high DA properties to make a protective ring for your mass Ink building

Articles Spinning

Spin Rewriter 7 – This is the 2017 release of Spin Rewriter, with some nice upgrades.

Spin Rewriter – The best know article spinning software and in my opinion the best. This is an overview of 6.0, the are now on version 7.

Spin Rewriter Affiliate Program –  This is how you find the spin rewriter affiliate program.


Buy Proxies – My pick as a proxy provider, great product, and customer service.

Storm Proxies – Proxies is a reputable provider of Reverse Backconnect Rotating, Rotating Reverse Proxies or Premium and Dedicated Proxy.

Microleaves – Affordable reverse proxies.

Video Marketing:

Tube Sift – Tube Sift is software that will help automate your youtube campaigns by letting you find the video that you would like to be placement.

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