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Bradley Banner from Semantic Mastery explains exactly how you use Bluechip Backlinks. When you first log into the interface, it can be a little bit overwhelming, but it is simple to use. In the sites that you were making or resurrecting from are so simple they don't even require WordPress. Google we'll see you this is normal being old sites that just came back online rather than having the telltale footprints of some PBN building activities.

terry kyle

If you check out our blog, we have an article about a guy named Chris Winters who clears but million dollars a month doing the local rank and rent method. He has a staff of 36 Filipinos developers and his proprietary software. BlueClip Backlinks IS that proprietary software!

It just might even be a little bit better!

The only reason I am subtracting a star from this review is that you still need to go out and get another third-party software to vet the domains in making sure they haven't for spam, porn or viagra.



This product has been rated four stars by shiny object reviews

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