BrowSEO Automation Club Review


You probably hadn't heard of the BrowSEO Automation Club before, because the product's developer Simon Dadia pretty much came up with the concept of making custom automation (Macros) work with even more forms of social media that already included with BrowSEO than you get out-of-the-box.

Currently, when you just buy the stock version of BrowSEO they already have built-in macros to work with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Google+ come installed standard.


How Simon Dadia Came Up With The IA Club?


To be honest, I don't even think the developer, Simon Dadia, had any clue that he was about to unleash a new product until he was doing a webinar about how to use Browseo when he came up with the BrowSEO Automation Club. Since the product comes shipped with macros to interface with some of the bigger social media platforms, having this extension, it is not compulsory.


Browseo V3 Macros a screen shot


It's a strange phenomenon. Developers are seldom good marketers, and marketers are hardly good developers, thus creating a symbiotic relationship.Simon Dadia is quite active in the Facebook group for the current customers, so if there is a macro that is being requested by quite a few members, I am quite confident that he and his developers can have it two subscribers within 30 to 60 days.

How BrowSEO Automation Club Saves Money


At $37 a month (just over a dollar a day) you can have access to five new social media platforms every month which you can dominate and that we'll give you an edge over your competition. For me, I considered it a no-brainer and signed up immediately and became a charter member.

Like I said, this is one of those things that you don't need because Browseo is already so powerful, but if you want to get the upper hand by being able to maneuver in places where they cannot unless they can write their macros, this is a great deal!






New Macros:

FB accept friend request

FB Upload photo and description

Logins for








Scripts Added To This Month

Youtube Like

Youtube Subscribe

logins for ALL the sites in IFTTT

Sign Ups for Half the sites in IFTTT (more to come this week)

Facebook Accept Friend Request

Facebook Keep Alive and Fresh Scripts to Click Random Notifications

Dec iMacros URL Shortener (with plans for 20 more to be added in time)

Gplus To Buffer Profile Page

Gplus To Buffer Business Page

LinkedIn – Repost of a KW search

LinkedIn – Join Group of a KW search OAUTH Sign Up Script

Jan and Feb Imacros

Added 8 URL shorteners

Outlook email sign up

Pinterest Change Image

Pinterest Edit Description

Pinterest Edit URL in Profile

Updated, youtube scripts and google plus scripts and various other performance tweaks.

March Macros

Google Indexer – URL Submit – With Auto Captcha Breaker

Google Indexer – Mobile Site – With Manual Captcha Breaker

Tumblr Test Post

Tumblr Video URL Post

Tumblr Video Upload Post

Tumblr Image Upload Post

Tumblr Image URL Post



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Additional Details:
5 New Macros For BrowSEO each month

Vendor: Simon Dadia
Product: BrowSEO Automation ClubC
Cost: $37 monthly




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