BrowSEO Tutorial: How To Use Intelligent Automation

Using BrowSEO's Intelligent Automation to log in accounts is one of my favorite /BrowZio/ features. You will seldom need to use it because BrowSEO saves your cache and cookies, The login macros come in handy when you have a persona you haven't used in a long time. You can do this with multiple profiles or just one. I run it once or twice per month to maintain the health of my marketing personas.

The scripts you see in the video all come with BrowSEO. Autåomation Club members have access to additional macros that provide powerful OAuthh with Google or Facebook to sites like Quora.

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Using the IA Marcos Is Simple


I know people who own BrowSEO and aren't using these scripts and that is silly. I threw together this quick tutorial because people kept hitting me up on Skype asking how to use certain features. Developer, Simon Dadia has videos explaining almost everything on his youtube channel. I have a complete training course that fills in some of the gaps and I share a few of my personal strategies. Check it our here if you want.

How To Use The BrowSEO Login Macros

First, when you create your accounts fill as much information as possible. That way you can take advantage of the form filler (which is a lot like Roboform) to keep your settings stored.


At a bare minimum, fill in your proxies email, username, and password. I recommend you record your PVA number. Even as good as Browzio is with keeping everything together, you still will trigger suspicious activity if you get a bad proxy.


Locate the blue icon in the corner of the screen. Click it to open the script folders. Find the folder name “Logins” and click. It will open a list the social media accounts you can automate. It's worth noting, BrowSEO isn't an account creator. Make sure you are registered for everything you select!


Once you chose the accounts, click “play checked” and the script will start logging in for you.

play checked macros

Relax and let the automation run. It's not a bad idea to “babysit”. The proxies may trigger a Captcha, but they generally don't. If its looks like BrowSEO “is stalling”: it's not! That is one of the “genius features” of this software. If Twitter saw 60 logins all 1 second apart, that would be a sure sigh of robotic behavior! BrowSEO throws in “slight variants” to randomize the activity and make it more human. The “staggering” is something you want. 🙂

Congratulations, you now have the power 20 social media accounts complete with cookies, caches, browsing history and bookmarks..0

Now, go break the internet!


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