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How To Clean Up Article Spintax By SpinRewriter 7.0

Let me show you the quick trick to clean up bad Spintax you have created in Spin Rewriter 7 using Grammarly. For some reason, Grammarly won't approve me for an affiliate account, so at least they could thank me for the free advertising. I've never seen this in other internet marketing tips. So you will get some real value from this two-minute video.

As I mentioned in the Video, as good as Spin Rewriter 7's ENL Semantic Spinning Algorithm is at interpreting the meaning of words rather than search / replacing synonyms the output will never cut the mustard for your Tier 1 blogs.

If you just take an extra 30 seconds of time and run the output through Grammarly, you can quickly remove the stench of Spintax from your writing.

I look at it like this, these days Google can translate languages on-the-fly. Do you think they are not able to take apart the word puzzle that even the best spintax generation tool on the market can create?


How Grammarly Can Fix Your SEO Mistakes




In the video at the top of this post, I've demonstrated the time it takes to clean up some crummy spintax that is going to get your site penalized.

yoast plugin


If you use the Yoast plug-in, you probably already have noticed that it has taken a dramatic shift from measuring keyword density to focusing on the readability of your content. Yoast grades your Grammar, sentence structure and use of passive language harder than Grammarly, believe it or not.

If you spend the extra minute to follow the suggestions to get your readability up, put a quick heading in and then a featured image you can use this tool to create a pretty good Google friendly article.

Like I said, for tier 1writing, Spin Rewriter 7 will never cut it, not even with the  Grammarly trick. If you're going to use spintax, you may as well you know make Google's bots happy because they are grammar nazis too.

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