Will Project Supremacy Help My SEO Rankings?

If you took watched any of the video accompanying this post, you might be thinking that if it sounds too to be true it probably is. Recently I was challenged by Co-Owner Herc Magnus to an “SEO Duel” and it'll turn into a real big pissing match. After much back-and-forth, Herc and Todd gave me a copy Version 3 and said if I wanted to speak negatively about the product, should at least try it first. To me, that speaks volumes about the confidence the product creators have the software. Into be fully honest, I was a huge fan of Project Supremacy 2 when it came out, so I decided to give it another shot!

The first thing you will probably be impressed by his how many services that you might already be paying for that can be easily replaced if you decide to start using projects of primacy to manage your whole network of WordPress sites for blogs.

project supremacy 3 features

blaming my negative, yet an honest review on the failure of their software for them not making enough money on their launch webinars to buy a private island. I'm all for a friendly duel, but I should have known this was not going to be pistols at dawn when before this post some rough members of Project Supremacy's staff started posting fake reviews of my marketing firm even though I had never done business with this clown in my life. Please keep in mind as I go through this post, I am not simply going to throw out wild accusations, I am going to back them up with plenty of proof. I've had calamities with these mother guys before, they don't have anything to do with my apraisal of thier product, one way or the other.

Developers Have Included Every Schema Type From Schema.org

Project supremacy version 3 SEO features

What If I Bought Project Supremacy 2? Do I Need To Upgrade To 3?

The short answer is no.

For those of you that on the version to call you don't need to upgrade to “Project Supremacy 3.0“. The original single site licenses still maintained, however, is not being updated anymore. My lapse in professionalism compels me to give Todd Spears and Herc Magnus an honest review of the new network management software. Fact is, when the original came out, I was a huge supporter. I bought the agency license and used it on everything. As the years went on the  V2 showed flaws in the software and I was initially bummed out that they were going to be releasing version 3 and especially at such a higher price for.

So What about the Hatfield and McCoy SEO Feud?

Things were said, tempers flare, and things went wrong on both sides of the fence.

herc magnus seo challange

Below is a screenshot of Hercs “SEO Duel”. Which I won without using Project Supremacy? Now the next question is: can I do even better with it?

Keep reading and if you want to find out!

so how an i ranking?

FACT: Project Supremacy Keeps You from Getting Hacked and Make Your Sites More Secure

Being able to manage a large network of Word press lives from one interface has a lot of advantages. One of the primary advantages is increased network security! Being able to manage so many sites from one central location Will keep your word press installs from going out of date or having on supported plug-ins cause new massive security issues if that wasn't enough projects a primacy three comes bundled with the program called spider Spyker (Nuke) which is an industrial strength botnet killing machine

pyder spanker

So, with all of that being said, I will be reporting to you back from the farm as I get this new version of the software installed in some fresh sides and see how far I can push it. From my initial testing with the interface, it looks quite promising and perhaps even an alternative to Yoast.

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Watch The Project Supremany Negative SEO Attack Uncut and In Real Time

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What Will I Do?


Exactly what I'm supposed to do a fair, honest, and impartial review of the product. Since Project supremacy is such a behemoth, I will be doing the reviews live and releasing updates on the different components as I tested them and use on my own network of sites!





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