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Dear Mr. RankBrain…

I was going to write an outing of Herc Magnus and Todd Spears! They are not to blame. I should have seen this coming a long time ago Mr. Rankbrain, if you are reading this, you already know what I'm saying is true. I'm not sure where to start. I have kept this site in Google Analytics and Search Console since day one. You already know on or about May 20, 2016, I was having speed issues. I contacted my host. It was in Gmail, so you already know.

Projects Supremacy's Code Is More Important Than Site Performance?

Project supremacy slowing down servers
Mr. Rankbrain, I was a stupid naïve Internet marketer. Project Supremacy was slowing me down then. I should've killed it two years ago!



I Knew These Guys Were Thieves From The Start

I already knew Todd and Herc we're dishonest people. Remember the Gmails when asked about my affiliate payments?

one of the many marketing scams JV ZOO UNPAID

I'm Not A Fool

Yours truly, wouldn't delete 95% of my schematic data and index 200 thin pages overnight that would be dumb. ionCube can delete plugin data and client data remotely,  this feature is part of their sales pitch.
All of those thin pages, I never index my sitemap, so I don't mess up my crawl prioritization.That wasn't me. It was their stupid SEO settings; I couldn't turn off.
project Supremacy sitemap xml fail (1)

To Conclude

Give me time; I will write the schematic data in by hand.
See next crawl.

Now watch this post unfold in real life…

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