Project Supremacy V3 WordPress Plugin (SCAM ALERT) 2017


Update May 12, 2017: I am at this moment revoking my endorsement of Project Supremacy. The product is a scam. Herc Magnus and Todd Spears have control of your site; you don't! They can obfuscate, change permissions and alter content via ionCube. In fact, that's one of the selling points. I tried to work with support for weeks. This WordPress plug-in started becoming incompatible with my Divi theme. Starting on WordPress update 3.7.2 it was turning my snippets into code. I finally got annoyed and posted a YouTube video about it.


So What Happened Herc?


herc magnus comments

I thought you would have me knocked off the page1  by now?


Maybe your super duper WordPress plugin isn't everything you claim? Also, when you're teaching your student's structured data, you should do it correctly. Todd Spears comment, “Some structured data are better than none at all it Is factually incorrect.  I guess you could do it, so you had to resort to some negative SEO. As you can see in this screenshot from my webmaster tools?

Do you notice some common anchor text?


projecy supremact negative seo anchor text


I certainly never created all of this inbound anchor text. How did it get there? This page doesn't mean that much to me. FYI: I didn't mess around with private blog networks in 2007. Whether you believe it or notI've never bought or sold or sold links. In fact, I'm discouraged my business partners from selling links in 2013 just about a month before Penguin 2 hit. It's no wonder your business partner Todd Spears wound up on the Ripoff Report for his sub par PBN hosting company. Why are you selling links out in the open publicly? That's just retarded! When it comes to websites that are important to me I am the most conservative and white at LinkBuilder on the planet? Before your negative SEO attack, I had only 132 referring domains and then somehow in a month it jumped to 13,000 with over half of them pointing to this page! I may not be Perry Mason, but this one is it tough to figure out!

BackDoors In The PS Plugin


Could have fooled me, I spent the last two weeks thwarting attacks on my server and noticed you guys just slipped a virus into one of my site I had forgotten to remove your plugin. I have recorded hours of video on my YouTube channel detailing all of your hacking attempts. Below is the location on the same server from an instance of project supremacy I forgot to delete. Shame on you guys. Why can't you just say I messed up and not resort to negative SEO and hacking?


project supremacy hacked

You Shouldn't Lie in Structured Data (Or Ever)


See how I didn't lie and my structured data declaration? I am only one person. One person reviewed it, but that didn't keep me from getting my star! Plus, you can't give an unbiased opinion of your product just check the source code of the Herc Magnus review of his software. Here is my review of this website: “Shiny Object Reviews is the best web page in existence”. Not very straight right?

Project supremacy review fake five stars on owner page


Were you abusing the aggregate data for reports by reviewing your product and claiming people gave it exactly five stars? I may be wrong; your product may be excellent. In all fairness, I did like the first one initially. What do you have that many reviews all are exactly five stars is almost a mathematical impossibility. It's better to disclose that it's your product and don't worry about the shiny five stars, even I'm smart enough to know that!


If You Are Such An SEO God: Why Resort To Negative SEO?




As a result, the developers pulled the plug on the schematic data on my site and set the sitemap to thin index pages. It is 9:48 PM on Cinco de Mayo. I have just ditched the plug-in and lost all schematic data on my site. The software developers are launching Project Supremacy 3 soon. They don't even have the bugs worked out of the current version. Don't learn the hard way as I did! Boycott Project Supremacy!


Graphic of rise in thin content pages in search console

How Do You Are No Longer in Control of Your Site!


Do you rise in indexed pictured in Search Console is not a good thing. The software developers by repeatedly turning off my Yoast settings caused thousands of pages to index that I did not want! They have been using their control over my website to delete all of the schematic data:


This is an illustration of how project supremacy deletes your schematic data


  Also by forcing their SEO settings which I worked for weeks with their tech support to fix, all he would do was come in and turn them off in my post manually!


Structured Data Errors After Dumping Project Supremacy


Because their SEO plugin kept overriding my Yoast settings, it caused hundreds of thin tags categories, pages, to index in my sitemap.XML file. The only taxonomies I index our posts and pages. Moral of the story, if you want to use schematic data on your pages, add the code in by hand! Don't count on software developed by con artists

Below Is My Old Review I Am No Longer Endorsing Herc Magnus, Todd Spears, or Anything They Make!


The previous review on “Project Supremacy” highlighted its potency as a modernized SEO plugin and what it can do for site owners wanting excellent results. I shared my experiences with the plugin and the value it brought to my life, which is why I will analyze the latest version they've released. Is this a robust plugin that deserves praise or has they failed to deliver? Here is my opinion on Project Supremacy and what it brings to the table that not been seen before.



googe reconsideration request


I have been a search engine professional since 1997. In all of those years, I never received one manual penalty until I started using Project Supremacy. Do you know how I got rid that structured data penalty above? I deleted the plugin!


Google spends time developing its algorithm ensuring bots go to sites that provide quality. This “micro data” gives Googlebot a clearer picture of the place.The problem is the developer doesn't fully understand the nuances of microdata and JSON-LD and produce poor results. It will focus on creating a valuable site that syncs well with search engine algorithms.


Project supremacy schema

Scheme For Video Objects


Another beautiful part concerning the new version is its ability to set up microdata for video objects on the site. Google spends time on graphics as well when its bots sent to a site. The invisible data appended to images is called “EXIF” and is just as important as anything else.It is unclear if the data even exists in the picture at all as we have tried to examine them with Adobe Bride and found nothing in the meta data. You want to have this optimized, so the bots pick up the site and feel it's valuable. I have tested this and believe they have hit a home run, to say the least. It's impressive to see how well it does with videos and images.


iWriter Integration


What about content? A good site without fresh content is not a good place at all, but that is not what you will get from Iwriter. Thin, perhaps even spun content written by 3rd-word writers with no expertise in a given subject other than to get the number of words you ordered they have set up a way for iWriter and iNeedArticles integrated with the site, so you are getting regular content without lifting a finger.


What more could you want (BESIDES A REFUND)?!


Yes, this is a world-class SEO plugin and will eventually reach a spot where people will ignore Yoast. With Yoast, it is starting to age when it comes to quality and delivering high standards. Search engines are adapting and altering their algorithms, and it appears Project Supremacy might have hit the right notes here. Don;t bother with the try with the 14-day free trial. It is a high-quality plugin that's going to fit like a glove with your current site. I am not impressed by the work they've done. It shows the attention to detail behind its programming and how fluently it syncs with your SEO needs. I have removed my affiliate links and endorsements of this product because it is an Internet marketing scam.


V3 New Higher Pricing


The new version of V 3,0 not only costs a staggering $500+ there is also a 30$ a month charge (why I'm not sure). Plus you have the added problem of having a 3rd party JavaScript on the page that will not be compatible with AMP. Do yourself a favor and learn to write JSON-LD by hand and learn Google Tag Manager (which is free) and leave this shiny object collecting digital dust.

File Project supremacy Under Scam!

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Project Supremacy V3 WordPress Plugin (SCAM ALERT) 2017

Project Supremacy V3 WordPress Plugin (SCAM ALERT) 2017   Update May 12, 2017: I am at this moment revoking my endorsement of Project Supremacy. The product is a scam. Herc Magnus and Todd Spears have control of your site; you don't! They can obfuscate,...

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