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How the Project Supremacy SEO Settings “Take Over” Your Site

If you are a Project Supremacy user, I'd like to inform you of a glitch with the Divi theme (perhaps others). It makes handcrafted snippets look like gobble-de-gook.

How Google Reads My Site


I have to disable at least the “Yoast Is Toast” or my descriptions turn into code and gibberish. That isn't going to do anything to help my click-through rate. I don't care how much schematic data and Jasn-LD is in the header

My PS SEO should stay off. Project Supremacy SEO is arbitrarily turning the SEO module to “on.” I would probably try it, but it's not compatible with Divi. I switch it off, but it keeps turning back on. This isn't just an inconvenience, Googlebot isn't a fan of the erratic meta-data. Each day, I must audit 300 posts and pages to manually de-activate it. I would just uninstall the plug-in, but there is no way to export the schematic data!


Why This Glitch Kills Your SEO Rakings



If you were having the same issue with a large site, here is a tip. Go to either your posts or pages and switch the number shown to 100 entries. I now can change it with three clicks instead of thirty.


The project supremacy glitch (2)

If I change any post, it overrides the Yoast SEO settings (which are better in my opinion). Their tech couldn't figure it out after six or seven tickets, kept shutting it off manually and never addressed the core issue. It's also worth noting I had none of these problems until WordPress 4.7.2. Prior, PS was one of my favorite Shiny Objects!

Herc Magnus and Todd Spears are about to release V3, so I wouldn't expect V2 to be supported. It's a good idea to check and see if you have this issue because it could “switch” and you won't know till your rankings tank!

If the Project Supremacy SEO Module isn't configured your title tags, meta descriptions, and XHIF all go ‘null' and results in a weak crawl of your site.

It also doesn't help IonCube is used to obfuscate the source code which slows your server speed.

Anyways, hopefully they can address these issues in V2 before they roll out a big launch of V3.

Yes, that's the state of digital marketing. Developers get rich, churn burn in recycle, while the people who put down hard-earned cash are left reeling in the dust.


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Home » SEO Tool Reviews » Project Supremacy Review (Herc Magnus and Todd Spears) » The Project Supremacy 2017 Glitch: How It's Killing Your Rankings!


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