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Why Most Internet Marketing Product Review Sites Are Fake (Part 1)

This article will be expanding; I have my parents in town week. It has been somewhat of a drag all my time resources. In case you missed the recent drama on Facebook. It's worth checking out.

You can find this one on my personal Facebook page:

This One on the Site's Facebook Page:

It involves some of those fools from Project Supremacy. The word the first product I have decided to promote on time because I thought there was something to it. In fact, this video goes back to not that long ago when Shiny Object Reviews site didn't even exist.

Gone are the days of opulence. It doesn't seem like so long ago I was living in 2 million dollar house and room now in the Hollywood Hills. And I appreciate what I got but none of it's even mine.

To be continued…

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Home » Blog » I Cost Project Supremacy 3 Their Private Island! 🙂

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