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Automate your link building tasks from hours to minutes.

Only High Domain Authority Websites.

We DON’T use trash websites and Services just to say that we have a ton of websites

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Introducing SEO AutoPilot

It's not very often I am impressed with new SEO tools especially if it's for mass link building, after hearing Simon Dadia's glowing endorsement of SEO AutoPilot, I decided to hit the developers up. I went through a screening process which made defecting to the KGB seem tame.

Why SEO Auto Pilot Is Different

It took 15 minutes from registering the software to having a sophisticated campaign running like pictured above.

This morning a super-friendly European guy hit me up on Skype and said Shiny Object Reviews would be the perfect place to do some beta testing. I heard nothing but solid things from the Semantic Mastery and BrowSEO guys about SEO AutoPilot. I asked if I could get a coupon code to mail to my list and he reluctantly agreed to give me a trial copy and a 20% discount to send to my subscribers.

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Updated 6/30 New Video Ranking Campaigns


Read our full post about these amazing new video marketing templates.


seo autopilot high competition video template

Every week there is a new “SEO flavor of the moment,” but what sets SEO AutoPilot apart from other mass link building tools is it takes up a much-needed gap between Syndwire and GSA. These days if the Syndwire APP is anywhere near a Web 2 or YouTube account it will kill it. GSA is overly complicated and yields low-quality links that are more likely to get a Penguin Penalty than a #1 SERP.

Double Bouns Pack

So at the risk of sounding like some cheesy internet marker, but this Windows-based software can run from your desktop will not be available publicly until mid-July 2017 — the 20% coupon expires Monday. I cannot assure the public availability or another 20% discount As an added value, the first three people to take action will get a Mints App 2.0 license as an extra bonus.

mints app

First Test Results

My “primer run” post through-put clocked in at 98,5% to social bookmarking sites and 96.7% to notoriously strict networks like Tumblr, WordPress, Newsvine and 53 more. SEO Auto Pilot has the highest throughput and account creation rate of any mass link generation product on the market! Period.

There are no upsells or sales funnels; no phone verified accounts, burner e-mails, and proxies are optional. The only thing it requires is a 5 per month captcha breaking (the same one Project Supremacy uses), and you are off to mass link building/account creation heaven.

If you have the credentials for any Web 2.0 or bookmarking sites you can even import them!

Mints APP 2.0 is cool; I do not know why I don't use it more. Check it out in action here!

Mints alone would be $200, plus $20 off on SEO Autopilot?

That's a sweet deal!





What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

This is as automated as link building has ever been and I thought this sort of automation died in 2009! ”

Simon Dadia

Owner, BrowSEO

SEO AutoPilot Review Update – 100% Success on Web 2.0


Rick Porter

Owners, Backlinks Jedi

Move over Syndwire and GSA, there is a new big dog town.

Jason Quinlan

Owner, Shiny Object Reviews

seo expert

Why SEO AutoPilot Is The Only LinkBuilding Tool For 2017

Advanced SEO Strategies

Developed by SEOs specialists for SEOs

  • Only High Domain Authority Websites.
  • Auto Link Diversity
  • The algorithm to ensure keyword diversity.
  • Unique keywords, links, images, videos duplicate protection
  • In-house Programmers.
  • 100% Safe Chrome Browser
  • Premium email creation.
  • Professional, Easy to Use Interface.
Link Diversity Sources

Easy to use Interface: Even though our software is extremely Powerful, the Interface is very simple to understand and use by anyone,

Unique settings per Group

Auto Link Diversity using accurate % on keywords usage – Articles keywords and links are calculated using a real algorithm to ensure keyword diversity.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

There is nothing to upgrade to or lame sales funnels. You have everything!!

Support Latest Google ReCaptcha

Press Start and SEO Autopilot will create accounts, emails, blogs, posts fully automatic. If you already have accounts you can simply add them.


If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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