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An Honest Review Of Curation Mastery


It's an old saying,”You are who you rub elbows with!” The same can be the content on your website. By using content that you already know is socially engaging, you are already rubbing elbows with success. For example, anyone can be sitting on Sunset Boulevard having lunch, but not just anyone can be having lunch with George Clooney or Angelina Jolie. Sites like the HuffingtonPost have been using curated content for nearly a decade now. Most news and political commentary like you would see on FOXNews are actually curated content. You've been watching it for years, but didn't know it!

With that said, there is a fine line between “curation” and plagiarism. If you are going to use curated content, you must give attribution to the source and insert your unique commentary at a very minimum, or you run the risk of getting a letter from a lawyer.

As long as you understand those things, curated content is a lot more engaging than some crappy SEO article ordered from our content farm!



curated content
Is your site's content lacking? Do you feel the content does not have the cutting-edge quality you desire? A lot of times you were working with the niches that don't have a lot of exciting things to post about it daily, So the best thing to do, since every piece of your content can't go viral.

It happens all the time, and many sites have faltered because of this factor. They simply are unable to produce good content, and it drags down everything else. That's why you look for content that is or do you socially shared, and you already know it's successful!


So What Is The Deal With This Curation?


Curation Mastery” is a new training course by Semantic Mastery, which promises to assist with all of your content needs. Is this the course you have been waiting for or is it one you should be aiming to skip?

This review is going to answer all of your questions on the topic.


1) Step-By-Step Videos For All Modules – Quickly guide you through the steps of curation!
2) No Additional Software Required To Use Techniques -If you watched my video that's all there is to it! Don't go into paralysis analysis and overthink it!
3) Guide On Outsourcing – Let's faces this is a job best suited for outsourcers. Even people with English as a second language can easily be trained to curate content
4) Complete Training On Content Curation – that's a little redundant, but he goes into the legal and outs!
5) 100% Money Back Guarantee – If you're not happy there's a 30-day refund policy!

Complete Package


It is a complete package. With any training course, you want to ensure there aren't topics where it lacks value. With content curations, there are multiple steps at play. Curation includes outsourcing, compiling research, and putting it all together.

The training does a great job of looking into all of these topics and providing useful tips and tricks.

It is a step-by-step course, so you are handheld throughout the process, which is beneficial for everyone.


Valuable Training


The training is indeed impressive and something you can get behind. The SM guys haven't skipped anything when it comes to content curation. They care about what a person wants on this subject and have gone the extra mile.

The training is easy to follow and does work when used well.

This training is not only powerful for those who are looking to gain an edge, but for those who are seeking to remain on top. Content is king and that won't be changing anytime soon. So, this training course does add to your arsenal as a site owner looking to dominate moving forward.


hired cheap outsourcing

Too Much Manual Work


Let's be honest; a person will hesitate when it comes to manual labor. It takes time, and you have to go out of your way to do it. With a lot of advanced software options being released to do most of this work, the training might not be as useful.

However, as a package, you are not going to find better training on the curation anywhere the people doing it are making too much money. Evening large magazines like the HuffingtonPost are all curated content!

It is complete and even with good software, you might not be able to achieve the results you could using this training.

Final Verdict


It is an exceptionally well-made training program that works brilliantly with your short and long-term needs. It is made for those who want to nail down the content portion of their site right away.

The training is comprehensive and fun to go through.

At no point do you get bored of how it is laid out. You can tell they have spent time in the organization of this course and how well it reads.

This review gives “Curation Mastery” a four-star rating and it deserves the praise it receives.



Check it out here:




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Home » Online SEO Training Course Reviews » Curation Mastery Review by Semantic Mastery

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