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IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 Review


There have been many courses developed over the last few years on how to improve the position of your websites on the search engines. Some of these courses will show you how to develop private blog networks, or do proper search engine optimization, but very few of them will show you how to create networks of Web 2.0 properties that can help you improve your overall rankings. This course, IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0, was created by Bradley Benner, an entrepreneur who was only trying to create information for his workers in the Philippines so that they could create these Web 2.0 networks of blogs. It was at that point he realized that what he had created was an actual product that people could benefit from, and that is how the very first IFTTT SEO Academy was born. In this review, we will show you what IFTTT stands for, why this methodology is so important for ranking not only websites but also videos, and why this particular course is the best on the Internet today when it comes to creating networks of Web 2.0 properties that will work for you even while you sleep.


Formerly “IFTTT 2.0”


Syndication Academy 2.0 was formerly “IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0”. The name was likely, changed because of a desist from IFTTT.com


Who Is Bradley Benner?


He is the owner of Semantic Mastery and IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 and has been doing Internet marketing for many years. His initial goal was to rank websites for local businesses so that he could generate monthly revenue, yet his tutorial videos for his outsourcers in the Philippines became so much more. He realized how it was necessary to automate as many processes as possible if you wanted to achieve and maintain top search engine positions on the web. When he finally discovered how simple it was to create IFTTT syndication networks, this was when the first IFTTT SEO Academy was born.


ifttt tiered network diagram


What Is IFTTT?


Bradley initially started ranking websites using what is called the Rank And Rent method, a process of ranking websites on the search engines for specific keyword terms which he would then lease to local businesses for monthly revenue. They could take advantage of the top rankings, generating leads for their business. Unfortunately, it took a considerable amount of time tt rank these websites as he continued to get more business but also maintain the positioning of those sites over time. He did not have a system for managing everything that he was doing and hit the proverbial glass ceiling was simply not able to expand his client because he was out of time. IFTTT, which stands for IF THIS Then Then THAT, through a product called Stupid Simple Web Programming that allowed him to create what are called recipes for automating the distribution of website content. From these humble beginnings, he built the first IFTTT SEO Academy and has now subsequently written a completely revised version of this product called IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0.

What Is IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0


Syndication Academy is a course that teaches you how to create networks of Web 2.0 properties using IFTTT that can automate everything that you do. It allows you to generate social signals from social media websites, backlinks from Web 2.0 properties and embeds for videos, all of which will rank content. You can create syndication networks that will work on autopilot, helping you to build networks in a very short period that will work 24 hours a day once you have set them up. Bradley decided to update because of the original version, which formed the foundation for his SEO business. Let's look at a few of the things that you will learn in IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0; it's service that can help take your websites to the top of the search engine listings.

The Benefits Of Using IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0


This service is set up with many different courses that can get you up to speed. You will find updates and all of the course videos and documentation when you log in, as well as how to set up everything. It will show you how to create accounts, use IFTTT.com, and go into detail on the methods and advanced strategies that have recently added. He also has bonus materials on Livestream websites, advanced RSS techniques, and even a course on advanced link building. There is also information on how to ensure that Google will never know it is you posting, or checking the rankings of your website using the proper settings on web browsers.


Cloak and Dagger SEO?


You can also learn how to create what is called tiered networks that will necessarily boost the rankings of your networks so that they will never lose their linking power. He also goes into depth on how to use these content syndication networks to improve the power of your existing PBNs if you have several sets up, and how to improve video marketing and online reputation management activities. Essentially, it is the best course on the Internet for building links that are completely natural, all using the many different strategies that he has developed over the years.


If you are a business owner that would like to improve the amount of traffic that you have coming to your website by boosting your position online, providing a service for local businessIFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is what you need. Although it is not designed specifically for beginners, there is enough information to get you up to speed even if you have never built a content syndication network before. As he learned from the original product that he purchased that introduced him to IFTTT, Stupid Simple Web Programming, this course will show you how easy it is to start generating top rankings for your websites on the search engines. Best of all, it comes with the money back guarantee if you are not able to figure this out, so there is no risk involved at all. Plus, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can share ideas with other members, and learn even more information that comes out on a daily basis, helping you to achieve your SEO goals using IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 for your business.



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