Mastery PR Local Kingpin – The Best Bonus and Review!

Marketing Training By Mastery PR is an internet marketing course that deals with A local Marketing that deals with Adwords and how to “scale up and “Rinse and repeat.” The curriculum taught by Bradley Benner and YouTube / Adwords expert Zane Miller. The crux of the course is as Google now make people pay for maps listings you will have to adapt and develop an AdWords strategy that you can “rinse/repeat / and scale-up.”

SEO vs. Google Adwords?

Local marketers think that Adwords or a waste of money and concentrate organic results. With the recent changes in the Google algorithm, they are trying to push the SEO guys out of the picture. That doesn't mean give up and find a new way to earn a living; you need to do you have to move with the times.

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Local marketing is easier than affiliate marketing and operating in small towns because of the lack of expertise in local marketers, low search volume, and less competition. The “low hanging fruit” is not even the crux of this course. Local Kingpin is all about using Google Adwords to get results for local clients. Dubbed as “on-demand lead generation,” meaning unlike the traditional wait for a page to rank, you use the power of Google Adwords to only turn on your traffic funnel by setting up an AdWords campaign, turning it on and just letting the traffic flow in. You find a method that turns a profit and re-invest to scale up, which will bring in more revenue,

The special charters member price of Content Kingpin will be $197. Once the initial launch phase is over it will move up to $397. There are two upsells that you can opt into one being Maps KingPin and the other being Content Kingpin (which is a class to teach virtual assistants how to curate content) take four more engaging blog post then you would get out of your typical content mill.

I predicted this would be a massive launch for Mastery PR. Monetizing through local SEO seems to be the method of choice for beginner to intermediate marketers because if you're working smaller's or suburbs, it is much easier to SEO those terms because the competition on search volume is so much lower. The way local SEO marketers make their money is also known as the “rank and rent method.” Rank and rent give you the advantage of showing a potential client result, rather than telling him you'll get them on page 1 and two or three months


If you pick up local kingpin now not only will we throw in our normal bonus package, you also get Youtube Card Tricks and Pinterest Seo Tricks 100% free! Just send you JVZOO receipt to [email protected]

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