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Maps Kingpin Demo (The Local Kingpin Up-Sell)


A lot of the training on Local Kingpin is very AdWords heavy. I'll be honest, I hate sales funnels, but this one is worth its weight in gold because it gives you the power to rank on one of at least three local most valuable spots  Being able to rank in the maps pack is kind of like owning the most valuable SERP there is on Google.

With this strategy, you are not using “AdWords only Strategy” and generating free from the ever more competitive “maps” page which shrunk from 6 to 3 and sold one of those three listing tight Adwords. To quote Bob Dylan, “The times they are changing.”


local maps kingpin

Maps Kingpin Overview – Covered in training is:


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>1: Overview & Process Outline – Self-explanatory.
2: Confirm GMB Listing – The right way to do a google my business listing
3: Add Photos to GMB – The proper photos to add and geotagging

Lesson 4:(Update) GMB Location Page Business Description – the keywords you have to get in there
5:Add Pages to WP Si te – what you need to have n your WordPress site
6:Keyword Density – Bet you haven’t heard about that in a while?
7:Internal & External Links – They are a necessity
8:Nofollowing External & Menu Links
9: JSON-LD Structured DataSchema and JSON-LD. I like Project Supremacy to manage schema.
10: Sitemaps & Search Console _ What people forget on Search console
11:IFTTT Syndic action Network – What would Semantic Mastery we without some IFTTT in the mix?
12: IFTTT Recipes- For local (very Interesting)
13: Add Network URLs to JSON-LD- use of schema markup
14: Edit GMB Brand Page- How to work on brand G pages!
15: Drive Stacks– I little taste of RYS Academy.
16: Map Embeds- Ninja tricks you can do with mad embeds.
17: Competition Analysis & Data Aggregators- How to figure out how tough a dogfight will be and the use of data aggregators like Diigo, Delicious.com, and GetPocket.com who have advanced data sharing with sharing the big G.
18: Big & Hyper Local Citations- The different types of local citations.
19: Press Releases – Part 1 – There is no such thing as duplicate content unless it's on the same site, take press releases as a perfect example.

20: Blogging For Backlinks- How steady blogging build you backlinks
21: CT Spam- using tools like CrowdSearch.me or Browseo


maps kingpin logo for review and bonus

Screenshot of members area:


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Home » SEO Training Course Reviews » Local Kingpin » Maps Kingpin Demo And Bonus: (Local Kingpin Upsale)

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