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Backlinks Indexer Review by Dan Anton

I have no idea how a review of Backlinks Indexer by Crowdsearch.me creator Dan Anton slipped past me. I use this tool on a daily basis and have never had a problem with catching a penalty or my links not getting indexed. On a good day, your links index in minutes. It also is a great tool for indexing multiple YouTube URL variations.


What Is Backlinks Indexer?


BacklinksIndexer has been successful for many years. You just load a list of links into Backlinks Indexer, and it will “drip feed” the backlinks over seven days as to not raise a red flag with Google's spam team. ⇒ Hint: Use an anonymous browser such as Firefox Private to check if your links index on the DL. ⇐

Case Study Results in 2017 (Just Published)


We ran a fresh set of tests to see if SAS products link Backlinks Indexer even still worked. Noy only did we find they “worked” BackLinksIndexer places #1 over the competition.

backlinks indexer stats 2017



Does Backlink Link Building Work In 2017?


If you are building a network of web 2.0 blogs and social media platforms on the internet to index your website, you know how difficult this can be. If you are trying to build a network including Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and others managing can become problematic. The IFTTT Network was created to make this job much easier. However, it can be difficult to get all of your pages indexed unless you are using a service like Backlinks Indexer. Here is a quick overview of IFTTT Network and BacklinksIndexer to show you why you need to use both of these at the same time.

backlinks indexer by Dan Anton -a screen shot of the results


 How Does Backlinks Indexer Play A Role in IFTTT?


BackLinksIndexer is SAAS that helps you index Web 2.0 properties in Google. If Google does not know you links exist, you do not get any credit for them! It is a centralized interface, one that you log into to do all of your postings. Although this is of great help, what you may find is that many of the posts that you make not index. They need to be indexed if the links that you are putting on these Web 2.0 sites are going to help you rank. Here is where a service called Backlinks Indexer comes in. This product uses blog singers, and Web 2.o's to index your pages so that you can benefit from the power of the linkjuice and it do a damn good job!

backliks indexer dash



Are Both Of These Necessary?


Both of these work together to syndicate content on multiple Web 2.0 properties but also can help you index every post that you make. Although each of these is separate services, they work perfectly together, allowing people to create websites generate revenue whether you have AdSense ads, affiliate products, or e-com. The key is to make sure that you are consistent in making your posts and indexing all of the links not found on Google. By doing this every day, you increase the probability of generating consistent revenue from your websites using these two services together.


How Much Will This Cost Me?


backlinksindexer price plans

BacklinksIndexer is a necessary tool for anyone that is serious about ranking pages on Google. I recommended you get an account with at least one other indexing service, such as Instant Link Indexer for an extra bump. That is what I do anyway. They work, and the are cheap!




Check it out here:

4 stars from shiny object reviews


Instant Link Indexer Review (UPDATED 2017) – shinyobjectreviews.com

Instant Link Indexer was perhaps the first of the automatic blog pinging software and one of the best-known. It integrates with a ton of search engine tools GSA Search Engine Ranker, some of them that are even outdated, SEnuke XCr, Backlink Monitor, AIO Wiki Poster, 301 Redirector, etc.

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