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Bluechip BackLinks Review


One of the best ways websites rank higher in search engines and get even more consistent traffic on a day to day basis is quality backlinks. If If you are new, a PBN is when you build other sites link to your own, usually as the source of information or an image. The higher each rank, the more valuable a backlink from it becomes. This domain crawler works on the principle of links rot. Great authority domains such as CNN can't possibly have time to audit all of the dead links. Without blowing your wad at an auction, you can register domains with high authority links you can pick up for just the cost of registration.

If you have a Wikipedia article citing your website as a source, for example, it's obviously going to get you some major traffic since Wikipedia is such a high authority sites. That's why you still get a huge boost from Wikipedia links even though they are “nofollow.”

Tired Of Getting Burned At Domain Auctions?


That's where Terry Kyle's Bluechip Backlinks software comes in. This crawler can help you seek out expired domains that linked to from major sites. We're talking the likes of CNN, Hub Spot, The Washington Post, and even Wikipedia. You can then purchase these domains for yourself for as little as $5 to $11 (or less from Namecheap). From there, you can just sell them off for considerably more than you put in, or build a PBN network for 2016. Even better, have immediate access to thousands of linked domains that have already located once you sign up to Bluechip Backlinks. Anything you purchase can be rebuilt instantly using Archive.org.


how to find sites with cnn backlinks


Whatever was there before can be retrieved if you'd like. You can even pick and choose to make sure that any domain you grab is within the niche you've already been working. After all, it's much easier to play the online marketing game when the subject matter is something you desire! Bluechip Backlinks huge head start since getting this kind of backlinks on a brand new site you're building from scratch could take years at this point. To make sure anything you have already worked on doesn't go to waste, Bluechip Backlinks also includes SEO software that's primarily industrial scale.


Don't Forget Your Due Diligence!


You can make sure every site you're operating is fully optimized so that anyone searching on the likes of Google or Bing within your niche will find your content first. The old saying that you have to spend money to make it is very true much of the time. The minimum $99 monthly fee required of Bluechip Backlinks is understandably a tough pill to swallow for some, but it's the sort of investment you're going to have to consider taking if you want your site and online business to hit the big leagues. The potential that having backlinks from major Tier 1 sites like Wikipedia, Reuters, and the Yellow Pages is just too good to pass up. Ranking higher and getting more traffic is imperative to having a successful website, and in the end, this product can help get you there. If you're interested, check it out at https://shinyobjectreviews.com/BlueclipBacklinks

One thing that is worth noting is while the software comes with some doing the two gather the metrics of the domains. You still need to use MOZ or better yet SEMRUSH make sure they have been using them for viagra or other spam.


See BlueChip Backlinks In Action Fetch 2018


Watch Me Rank A Domain In 5 Minutes With Bluechip Backlinks!

First, mad props to Terry Kyle on the “Fetch 2018” PBN technique. I have to admit; there are times I wonder IF I get my money's worth on my BlueChip Backlinks subscription. I don't feel like I'm using it enough.BlueChip Backlinks subscription. I don't feel like I'm using it enough.

If you would like to excellent some in-depth knowledge of how this works before continuing purchasing it, check out our webinar exclusive to learn about the power of Bluechip Backlinks.



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This product has been rated four stars by shiny object reviews

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