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Crowdsearch.Me is a crowdsourcing microtask worker platform by long-time Internet marketer Dan Anton. I have known of the “using micro task workers to increase your CTR” for years. It was one of my favorite tactics I would use for reputation management. I would send the micro task workers to click every result except for the one my client was trying to move. It took a few weeks, but invariably things would move in the right direction!

Besides using tool likes this, you can help your click through rate by writing more catchy headlines that include numbers, power words and value signals.

Originally when this product came out, I will be honest I wasn't a huge fan of it. It was expensive, and I wondered was real “microtask workers” or bots. Some argue in public forums about if this was human traffic or “hitbots”. Regardless, if applied correctly over time, the increased CTR will make your site rise in rankings.

Update For 2017

crowdsearch 2017




Update 4/12/2017: The service went down or a short period of time while the owner was on his honeymoon, but has returned to working well. The local inventory problems have also gotten better, as they must now have more proxy accounts. This service works the best when the traffic is directed 1 tier away from the target, such as through a Yelp listing!


dashboard of crowdsearch me


Hitbots Or No Hitbots: Does Work?



Regardless, of the humanity, this type of traffic will increase ranking. I've used it myself to SEO videos for ultra competitive terms like “Miami plastic surgeons” and “insert the big city + criminal defense lawyer. I've found crowd search and me to come in handy when you were going head to head against some stubborn competitor. Make no mistake about it, this falls under “black hat”. but I'm not here to judge Blackhat vs. Whitehat, just to say “it works”! The whole microtask is still getting results in 2017 because developer Dan Anton has continued to add new features incuding a mobile APP. Mobile searches get great results because they aren't faked easily! In fact, it's been working for several years, people are (just now) talking about it.


OK, This Is Not Real Human Traffic And Will Ger You A Penalty Before A Page One


The only downsides, if you want to order geolocated traffic, the inventory can be small at times. If you are a local SEO, this will get your best results. You also can get social signals, but your Twitter or Facebook handle (the system just tells that you have them) which I find a bit unusual. The system can be buggy at times, but on the bright side of it this isn't one of those abandoned projects, is always adding new features which make it a better value and more efficient as time goes on.

This system is a credit based system and also includes a “smart search” that will keep the volume of searches for your term from swelling abnormally and attracting the attention of Google.


We Revoke Our Endorsement Of

THE “HUMAN TRAFFIC” THIS SOFTWARE CLAIMS TO DELIVER IS BOTS, THAT MY DO MORE HARM TO YOUR SITE THAN GOOD! THIS SOFTWARE IS ONLY GOOD FOR NEGATIVE SEO! READ MORE ABOUT CTR SPAM HERE – Power User Discount Review Of - Power User and Introductory Plans by Dan Anton has added two new packages one being the 35,000 Credit package...

Crowdsearch.Me – Exactly How HitBots Work – SCAM How Crowdsearch.Me Works With Microtask Workers In this impartial case study done by Bradley Benner. Here is an unbiased (an affiliate of case study. They compared the results,...
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