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Why Grammarly Is The Best SEO You Never Head About!

If you want to achieve success in the world of search marketing, you need more than a well-designed site! Links still help to a degree, but the well written engaging content is just as valuable, if not more! As many WordPress users, there's a high chance you use Yoast SEO plug-in. Yoast is more a grammar Nazi than Grammarly! Long gone are the days of being concerned with keyword density? Yoast uses a metric Flesch Reading Ease score:

Flesch Reading Ease score youst pannel

How Does Grammarly Help SEO?

Google ranks sites that offer a good user experience. What will make a worse than poorly written copy? The app and a browser help content producers create written content with fewer mistakes.

While most browsers already have built-in spell checkers, and Jetpack has a rather weak grammar checker. Grammarly looks at far more than just basic spelling and grammar. The plugin offers suggestions for ways to improve your writing by highlighting poor punctuation, unnecessary word repetition, weak adjectives, better word combinations and passive voice. Do you tend to say that things are “critical” instead of “essential”?

blabber mouth

Can You Say Just As Much With Fewer Words?

Do it!

Do you ramble instead of getting to the point? If you can say the same thing with half the word, that is always a good policy! The Grammarly browser plugin can be installed free of charge, and you can use a basic version of it without having to sign up for a subscription. The basic version offers inline spell and primary grammar checking for any box that you can type into in your web browser, but it does not critique your writing style and highlight common mistakes. The premium version comes with not just a browser plugin, but a tool that adds Grammarly integration into your word processor as well.

grmmarly in brower

Better Writing Converts!

Grammarly will help you to write in a more authentic style. Instead of sounding ‘casual' or writing how you speak, it helps you to write more compelling, accurate and readable content. You can adjust Grammarly to fit the style you were writing. It goes all the way from casual writing to medical research. The casual style that many people use online is excellent for personal social media posts and friendly emails, but it is not OK for sales pitches, brand-focused social media, newsletters, essays, brand blog posts or website content.

You Can't Write In Every Style

Changing the way that you write can be difficult, but because Grammarly gives you real-time corrections, quickly learn that it is not a good idea to say something is ‘ good.' Extra words and unnecessary jargon be a thing of the past, and you will quickly pick up synonyms, new adjectives, and improved content. It has been my

Unnecessary jargon is gone, use new synonyms,  better articles, and improve your written copy very quickly. If you use Grammarly consistently, your writing skills will improve! Rather than correcting errors, you stop writing them!  Better writing does have on your SEO. Here is another nifty feature of the premium account. Once a week you get a report on your most frequent grammar mistakes, as is shown below:

Should I Upgrade From The Free Version?

Well, if well written, your pages are more likely to be shared! People who visit the site are more apt to read beginning to end and bring up the time on site. The added search engine exposure is a more prominent benefit than you might think. When people visit your website, if they do not  it does not engage them instantaneously, they will “bounce.” Search engines demerit rankings with ‘bounce rates.'  If you have a high bounce rate, it counts that as a negative ranking signal and less likely to rank in Google.

Grammarly Won't Write You Copy For You


Grammarly does not make your site rank well – but significantly improves your content creation workflow by freeing you to focus on expressing your thoughts instead of how well you write them. You can write faster, confidently, and produce better content. Share skyrocket, comments rise, and go viral!

Polish matters and Grammarly gives your content shine. Once you have an excellent copy, the next step is to promote it, and that is where traditional SEO tools come in. Tools for keyword research, link building, directory submission (yes, that still matters), analytics, and social media marketing.

Learn More About The Importance Of “A Good UE” and Ranking In Google:


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